1 Kim Je-ho is a JERK!

"Sleep with me,"

Hong Mina just introduced herself in front of him, and what did he just say? Did she hear it correctly?

"What did you say?" Mina blurted out; her eyes suddenly lost focus, and her smile disappeared. She stared at the jerk, then at the Chinese managing director who introduced himself as Director Jiang. The cameras that were rolling behind them just stopped filming.

Director Ji stood up from his seat, urged the other cameraman to leave the room, then came to Mina and said, "You're one lucky girl, dear!"

He laughed and exited the room without notice. Mina was left here in this empty room, but the spotlight that was previously directed at her was now turned off. The remaining three fluorescent lamps now turned on, and she got to see that handsome jerk's face.

The guy stood up from his seat and walked towards Mina. He has this brown hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, a tall figure with broad shoulders.

"Kim Jeho sunbae!" Mina blurted out, her eyes widened in shock, "It's you,"

"Hong Mina, address me properly." He said in a stern voice, "I'm the successor of this company, and technically I will be the CEO in SW Entertainment one month from now."

'Jeho-sunbae? That guy in the film department who filmed me and my hoobae making out? ALMOST, I mean.' She thought to herself, mentally slapping herself out of it.

"Y-yes, future CEO-nim." Mina averted her gaze and looked at the floor. Just looking at his face irked her the most.

Kim Jeho saw this and smirked. Finally, the day has come for him to take his sweet revenge.

He prepared for this moment ever since this beautiful woman in front of him humiliated and damaged his ego.

His index finger touched her chin and guided her to look at him.

"Don't you want to be accepted here in the company?" He stared at Mina's eyes, and she did not know, but she felt drawn.

Maybe she was drawn to his beautiful yet handsome features.

He pulled her closer to him. Her heart beat faster and faster as Jeho's pale white face came up to hers. If one did not see his nerdy and unkempt face during college days, one would see him as a young and handsome vampire.

Mina did not like him either. She hated the fact that she is seeing him in her audition to become a part of the SW entertainment.

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But she hated the fact that he mentioned sleeping with her again.

How shameless can he be?

Mina closed her eyes as she was expecting him to kiss her.

Instead, he waited like he was asking for Mina's permission. She was listening for a moment longer to the sound of nothingness that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. The moment his lips touched hers, she felt blossomed like a flower, and the incarnation was complete.

At first, the kiss was small, gentle, and very meaningful. But then it grew bigger and more intense. Jeho tasted Mina tentatively with his tongue as he traced it across the bottom of her lip. The caress of his lips seemed much softer this time. Soon they started swallowing each other, making the kiss even more intense. Mina let out a moan, and so did he while her warm breath traveled into her face. He brought her burning hands up, resting them on his cheek, and his hands then traveled down, rested them between the curve of her hips.

He parted himself for a while, "I can sense you're wanting more from me? Eh?"

"Hell no!" Mina glared at him as she bit her bottom lip in frustration. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well," He raised his eyebrow and smirked, "I can feel you are. Do you remember the same thing that happened to you and your underclassman? I was filming you for your group project, right?"

"No, I don't remember!"

"Hong Mina," He calmly called her name, and chills ran down her spine as he came over and whispered to my ear. "You do remember. You were shocked to see me. Don't deny it."

She was trembling.

Mina did not know what to do anymore. She can't keep up with this lie, and even if she can, she just wanted to enter this damn company!

"And you allowed me to kiss you," he looked at Mina from her toes up to her head. She was wearing this short red dress, a cardigan paired with boots. "You still have the volume that I'm looking for."

"I did not allow you," She shot back at him, making him smile. "Kim Jeho! You initiated to kiss me first!"

"Don't you want to be a part of the company, though?"

Yes, he's right. All Mina wanted was to enter this company so much! She almost starved herself, drank limited glasses of water, and exercised the hell out of herself, and transformed for three months to look good for this audition. Now what? She only has to sleep with her weird sunbae--who just happened to be the future CEO of this company?

"It's easy. You can just choose to sleep with me for a night." He passed by Mina and sat down again to that same chair earlier with his legs on the table. "Only for a night, my sweetheart Mina."

'Sweetheart? That jerk and his sweet talks all over again. I decided that I have to walk out of this place. I need to protect my dignity and my pride as an actress!'

"Call me, when you change your mind." He almost yelled when Mina was opening the door to exit the room. "My kakaotalk ID is still the same,"

'Urgh! That son of a B**CH!'

Mina can't believe that after he kissed her like that, he has the guts to tell her that she should contact him instead!

Over her dead, gorgeous body!

She lifted her chin proudly and clenched her fists. "Kim Jeho, you are dead meat."

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