57 Caring

"Lies," Mina replied as she avoided eye contact. "You just said that because you felt sorry for making me come all the way here."

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She was disappointed with Jeho, to be honest. Maybe she was just expecting for some action--- no, she expected him to at least have some decency upon calling her over. To her, he just seemed like a boyfriend who wanted her girlfriend to come over, tease or even leave her hanging in the air.

Mina could not hide her embarrassment when Jeho did not say anything and just observed her face. She could feel her blood coming all over to her face, and she was the type that doesn't really blush a lot.

Or at least that was what she thought.

No one, not even her past boyfriends, made her blush like a little girl. Only the man with the highest sex appeal she ever met, and the man who happened to be a lust demon, an incubus, made her feel intimidated with his presence as a man.

It was a new side of hers that she found out.

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