74 Aftermath

Mina woke drained and tired as always. The white ceiling was the first thing she saw, and she was reminded of what happened earlier. 

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Well, of course, she was sure that she gave Lucas sexual energy that would last him a year. After all, they just had sex. Even though it was stated in their contract that she was forbidden to do so. It was perfect and the most sensual sex she had ever done.

Looking around, she saw herself lying on the sofa, with her panties on and her bra on the right fit of her breasts being covered by a piece of blanket. Mina clearly remembered that they were not placed neatly like that, as if she was going to the beach with just her undies on.

It seemed that Jeho had done this for her. Or maybe Lucas kind of felt bad about her feeling cold and might catch a cold.

Sitting up, Mina saw Jeho or maybe Lucas in Jeho's body, on his swivel chair, with his elbows on the table. He appeared serious and was observing her silently.

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