1 chapter 1. The Tragedy

Hardworking and talented, intelligent are some of those positive attitude that Cassy posseses. In just one glance, you can predict a better future for her but that was before a tragedy on her family happened.

It was just an ordinary day for Cassie to attend her first subject in Beida University. The temperature then was so warm that most of the students are in the lobby to catch some fresh air. She kept on scanning every faces of the students in the lobby trying to find someone.

"Oh my god its almost 10 am and i still couldn't find Jhel and Amy. I have to give them their copies of our report before the first period start." (Someone tap her shoulder) whos?! ohh its you Amy ive been looking for you for a couple of minutes but i cant find you anywhere. Where have you been you two. (Jhel smiling behind Amy) weve been wandering here the whole time. we saw you looking around for us so we decide to play some tricks on you hahaha. You look so worried. I knew it, so you hide from me you two little bitches? how i wish the group of witches found you first before me so that you two will be bullied again hahaha.... Your so rude Cassy, i wish i never see them(group of bullies) again. Sssshhhhh(Jhel pulling Amy and Cassy together. the bitches at coming they might hear us we better go the other way. (Cassy let go of Jhel's hands) no jhel, we cant hide from those bitches always, infact we dont do anything to them so why do we have to hide. lets face them and show what weve got. (Amy started to feel nervous) Cassy i dont wanna fight with them i just want to live a hassle free life, lets just follow Jhel's suggestion. No!! we all deserve fairness in this university nothing to feel nervous about Amy just follow my lead (initiate walking along the hallway).

So this is the reason for the warm weather, people who do not even wash their faces so their body temperature started to occupied the hallway(Serah the leader of the bullies). Haha look whos speaking, i though you will never notice the warm weather since you used to it... Does the temperature in your house of hell changed? so even demons are affected of climate change.(Cassy trying to fightback?

Well well well students on the hallway you may now enter your respective rooms and we'll start in 5 min. (Professor Ken)

All students started to enter their rooms and prepare for their lessons.

Thanks to proffessor he really have the right timing hahahaha(Amy). Ssssshhh be quiet Amy just concentrate in our report.

In the middle of the reporting, a faculty staff knock on the door of cassy's room to caught the attention of the Proffessor in charge.

You may come in (professor). What brings you here? is there a last minute meeting? No sir I just came here to inform you that parents of one of your students involved in a serious traffic accident, both of them do not survive and are now in morque. (Professor in state of shock) Who is that student? Its Cassy Villedeigh sir. Please help us to handle this situation. you can cancel your lessons for today and accompany Ms. Cassy. Ok I understand.

As the faculty staff leaves the room, Professor Ken announced the cancellation of their current lesson.

(Amy) yes...!! we still have alot of time to reveiw our reports. (jhel) and we can use our spare time to hang out on our favorite hangouts. (Cassy) im just wondering, why is the sudden change of Schedule? is there something important happend that Prof. Ken has to deal with? Nahhhh stop it Cassy, ypur just over thinking lets just go to 2g(students secret hangouts near the University.

Upon leaving the room, Prof Ken caught the attention of cassy and order her to stay and let her friends to go without her. " Yes Sir? is there something you want me to deal with regarding our reports?" Ahhhm no Cassy i just want to tell you that no mattet what happend, im always here to help you as your one of our top student. Thanks for the compliment sir but why is the sudden giving that topic on me? Is there something wrong sir? Please sir let me know... Ok I want you to accompany me i have to show you something. Where are we going sir please tell me first im started to have my heart palpitate. Just trust me and come with me ok. Cassy nod her head.

Along the road, Cassy burried herself in a deep thought. What happend, is something happend to my mom and dad? Why cant i contanct their cellphones and nobody's answering the landline. what if? Cassies deep thoughts were interupted by a single tap on her shoulder. Ohh i almost forgot that i was with Prof. "Cassy were here."

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