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Consume, Devour, Feast


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I was but a 5-year-old girl then, naïve, innocent, I loved my younger brother, Izuku Midoriya, he was only two years old then. My quirk was a late bloomer, I had even started to wonder if it would appear after a year of waiting. I was constantly looking forward to finding out what it would be, But, I, Was, Naïve. The day it happened I found out how terrible quirks could be, one moment I was looking up at mother, the next I fell to the floor. I awoke in a hospital bed, I had become a monster, a living mascot, big animal head included, a huggable appearance, we even had a zipper on our back for people to enter ‘us’, we stood at a height of 7ft’ 6’in. "WE WERE CURSED BY FATE" They, took, us, they, collared, us, they, wanted, to, sell, us! The hunger ravaged our mind as we were chained in that cage, it consumed our sanity, we fought back, ...we tried to fight back, ...WE FAILED. We devoured them, the children, the teens, the adults, all of them, they became us, we became them, their voices a cacophony in out mind, their powers our own. Then he came, that devil bought us, he took us away. The devil that can take and give gifts, he desired a weapon, he made us into the greatest weapon of all, he crafted those monstrosities after us, we feasted upon thousands, his experiments, his research, they accompanied our buffet. He was fooled... Our sins became numerous... Our power great... We all exist for the sleeping child... We all exist for the sleeping queens sake...