Consultant. The Voice in the Dark. Vol. 3 Book

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Consultant. The Voice in the Dark. Vol. 3


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A new case for the commissar Brennon and consultant Longsdale: a girl’s corpse was found in the park - her face is disfigured so that it is impossible to identify her. At first look, nothing otherworldly - but soon Longsdale finds the traces of strange magic, the nature of which cannot be explained. And soon after the first victim the next one followed... Meanwhile, the mysterious sorcerer opened the hunt for Margaret - the commissar's niece and apprentice of Angel Redfern, who does not intend to stay away. Continued every Monday. The text is a translation of a Russian novel. The translation was made by the author of the novel. Link to the original: https://www.webnovel.com/book/16792738706388105


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