Reviews of Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide

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Shamelessly patting myself on the back here. If you left a review before 12/8/2020, I have since deleted them because of my previous intentions to fade into obscurity. For reasons, I will no longer be doing that, and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to leave a review again. Anyways, cheers.


Never had I read a novel before that kept me wanting to read more, but this one has. I love the wonderful effort you put into your work; the plot is so engaging, the characters are dynamic, and every detail is exquiste. I am very impressed! I hope you continue your writing! Best of luck to you! ~ Mrs. Flare 🥰


Fun and exciting read with an equally fun and exciting protagonist. Zack is entertaining at times as well as being a badass. He's also different in character, and his role within the story is vastly different from what I often see in novels around Webnovel. I appreciate the balance between the text that shows game elements and the story paragraphs. Everything is easy to read. I have yet to see more about the world, but I think there would be more to show in the future. Looking forward to more chapters.


This novel manages to blend a sophisticated narrative style with entertaining dialogue, which is quite the feat. The setting of this story is wonderfully described, and the characters are memorable. Development wise, this story seems to be taking things slowly (very slice of life like), and that's not bad at all. It allows us readers to get familiar with the characters and their world. In short, I'd def recommend this novel if you're interested in a gaming novel. Keep up the good work author :D


man when I saw that it was cancelled I was very sad, but now it's back and once again I highly recommend you give this a try, I love everything, the fights, the dialogue, the characters, and the occasional detailed parts. in summary read it, it good, yes


a great book


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