17 Mandatory Tasks

"You are an Outer Sect Disciple who has joined a week prior, and have since been listed as an average individual."

Zack hummed to himself when he heard that. 'I got a room like this for being passable? I wonder what kind of luxuries the elites are accommodated with here. . .'

He then got up and did some dynamic stretches, getting used to the unfamiliar body he inhabited. Unlike the body he made for Valerio, this one felt strange to move around in.

As he was stretching, the system rang out again, and stated that he once again had to complete the tutorial quest: The Basics.

Zack wondered if the objectives would be the same given his new circumstances, and thus skimmed through them.

'So I have to make a name for myself within this sect in an hour, earn five hundred contribution points, use magic again. . . And learn a martial art?!"

This time around there were only four objectives, but the last one made Zack's eyes practically pop out of his head. Learning a skill like that was some serious dedication, it would easily take more than an hour!

Then he facepalmed as he read the description in the menu.

[Learn five martial art abilities.]

'Of course, I should've figured as much.'

Looking around, he inspected the various decorations. A single green paper lantern hung from the ceiling, depicting a gust of wind. It was the source of light within his room, and it had a strange aura emanating from it.

Beneath it was a well-furnished table, and atop it stood a bonsai tree, its trunk twisted and its branches and leaves depicted the same gust of wind on the lantern.

Accompanying the quaint tree were sticks of incense sticking out of a glass container and a place where Zack could place lit incense sticks. One was lit right now, and it smelled of lemongrass.

Against the adjacent wall was a similarly well furnished dresser, and on it were a handful of consumable items haphazardly strewn about. He could make out a few low quality health potions, and some low quality stamina potions, but the rest of the consumables were things Zack wasn't familiar with.

'This type of setting. . . It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember what it was. . .'

His train of thought was cut short when the sliding door abruptly began sliding open to reveal an NPC, an elderly man wearing a simple black hanfu. It seemed he opened the door using tier zero magic.

When the NPC saw him, Zack gained five percent towards his fame objective gauge.

"Forgive my intrusion young master, I must give you next week's mandatory task list." The old man then walked into the room and took his hands out of his sleeves, revealing a scroll. He set it down on the table and folded his arms again.

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"Remember, you may use today and tomorrow to rest or cultivate, but you must complete the tasks before the Grand Glass tips over again."

He then bowed before turning around and leaving, the door closing behind him softly as if it were an automatic door. Zack quickly grabbed the scroll and sat back down on the bed. He looked at it from a range of different angles before figuring out how to open it.

Zack unrolled it, and started reading the five objectives and their details.

[Hunt or forage in the wilds.]

[Attend theory hall.]

[Attend basic combat class.]

[Earn 1,000 Contribution Points.]

[Participate in ten friendly spars.]

'Well, this body doesn't need to rest, so I guess it's time to hunt.'

Zack went over to the dresser and went to open up the top shelf, and realized he had been naked the whole time when he looked down!

He chuckled to himself, thankful that it was only an NPC who had walked in on him.

Zack then equipped the clothes within the drawer, and found himself dressed in a simple gray gi of sorts. It was sleeveless on the right but had a short blue sleeve on the left that stood out amongst the gray. The pants were black and were baggy, and his shoes were a similar leather to the ones Valerio had.

His utility belt was large and complex, and had enough space for all the consumables strewn about on the dresser. Zack quickly added the items to his inventory, and they disappeared with a flash of white light before appearing on his person.

Having gotten ready, Zack walked up to the sliding door and then focused on the Ardor around him.

He noticed a small gap in between the door and the wall it was currently closed into. He focused on the Ardor within that gap and pushed the door open.

It wasn't done as cleanly as the old man had, but he had done it, completing the objective gauge regarding magic. He walked into the next room, surprised to find a larger room.

It must have been a common area, as there were four NPCs sitting in a lotus position around a table at the center.

He looked around while shutting the door behind him the same way he opened it, taking note of the fact that this house had six rooms total.

The four male NPCs seemed not to notice Zack's presence as he walked around them and out the house. It was dark out and it was just as chilly as before, meaning Zack was likely on the same land mass that he had been on as Valerio.

He pushed the thought aside and walked out, closing the sliding door behind him without looking at it, or touching it.

'It's almost like a small village. . .'

Looking around, Zack was quick to see a large building towards the East, situated on a hill that overlooked the entire area. It was a grand sight, but he had no time to focus on the view, as he had business to attend to.

He walked around for a short time, clueless as to where to go. It would be strange for a sect member not to know the layout after a week, or at least Zack thought so, so he walked around until he found a path that seemed to lead to the wilds, going away from the large building.

After walking on it long enough, he saw a small building with light coming out, and walked towards it, finding out it was more of a shack with three walls than a building. Inside of it was a slim old man, who looked similar to the one that visited Zack's room.

He had his feet on the desk in front of him, but the man hurriedly took on a more formal posture after noticing Zack approach him. "Welcome to the check-in station, please state your business for entering the wilds."

"I plan on hunting to complete this week's objective." Having said that, he gained another five percent towards his fame completion gauge.

The man nodded with approval when he heard that. "Quite the exemplary Outer Sect disciple to start so soon. Name please?"

Zack thought for a moment, having not thought of a name for this character yet. "My name is Dilan."

He had said the first name that came to mind, and the man was quick to write it down on the scroll sitting on the desk. "Very well, Dilan. Do take note that most Outer Sect Disciples go out in teams of two to three for their weekly hunting objective, so if you're going alone, don't go against any tough beasts."

Zack thanked him for the information, and began his trek into the wilds. Once he was far enough from the check-in station, he used his movement technique to go deep into the wilds. It took him around a minute of jumping from tree to tree before he was satisfied with his distance.

Jumping down, he looked around for the tough beasts he was advised not to go up against. He failed to find anything for a time, but soon he found a pack of wolf-like creatures fighting against an ape-like creature.

The wolves came up to his knees from what he could tell, and the ape was larger than he was. He paid attention to the way they fought, taking note of the occasional zaps of thunder that came from two of the wolves.

The ape would swing its arms recklessly, using its might to one shot any wolves that got careless.

There were several wolves that had fallen already, but the two wolves emitting lightning bolts were evening out the playing field, paralyzing the ape long enough for other pack members to slash or bite the ape.

The ape did the bare minimum to avoid attacks, and after perching on a tree to take a better look, Zack realized it was because it couldn't! It's legs seemed to be mangled, and it was in a worse state than he had initially realized.

He watched on, waiting for the ape to fall before he took out the remaining wolves. It took some time, but eventually the ape slumped over, and the remaining wolves were quick to try and consume their prey.

However, their numbers had diminished severely, and Zack was confident in being able to take them down. Before they reached the ape, Zack jumped from the tree he was perched on, and elbow dropped onto one of the lightning manipulating wolves.

The drop hurt Zack pretty badly, but it seemed to have hurt the wolf more, seeing that it was now twitching uncontrollably on the ground.

He quickly took out one of his health potions and drank it down to relieve the pain before getting up again. He didn't want to stay on the ground too long, as the pack mates were sure to come to this one's aid.

He readied his arm to end the wolf's life with a blow to the head, but felt a wave of guilt as he saw the beast close up. It resembled one of his favorite dog breeds, but he quickly pushed the thought aside.

This is just a game, after all.

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