16 [10:37 P.M.]

"Again with this, man? Why would entering this cave be a good idea? We haven't even gotten our new armor, and no one's even mentioned this place on the forums!"

Zack shook his head when he heard Diz. "Oh come on, that'th exactly why we have to go in! What if there'th a thuper duper item in there, are we just going to let thome one elthe take it?"

Zack started walking into the cave, but soon stopped when he didn't hear a pair of footsteps joining him. "Ah come on, you aren't really going to path up this opportunity are you?" He turned around to face Diz, who had a frown on his face.

"Listen, enclosed spaces are less than ideal for rangers, and our win against the Viper Bear was pure luck. Go alone if you really want to, but I'm going back into town with the ores." Diz then began walking away, the weight too much to jump from tree to tree.

"Fine then, take thith while you're at it, and remember that I wath the one who mined thothe oreth." Zack chucked the beast head to Diz, who caught it with ease despite its large size.

"Right, so you want ninety percent of the earnings from this then?" Diz turned to face Zack, who was quick to respond by saying "Nah, give me like seventy perthent and you can keep the retht."

With a nod, Diz departed and went back towards the town, while Zack turned to peer into the cave. He began walking in, and condensed some of the Ardor around him to form a luminescent orb of energy that lit the otherwise dark cave.

His Ardor Pool bar had one hundred eighty points to it, but since he was controlling the Ardor around him rather than the Ardor within him, the AP bar remained full. The only downside was the pressure he felt on his mind, but it wasn't terrible.

He continued walking down the cave, inspecting the walls every now and again when he noticed a metallic glint.

'If only I had proper mining equipment, I'd be able to make a small fortune off this desolate cave.'

He then came across a fork on the road.

He picked it up and used his Postulant Tier Inspect Ability to discover. . . It was an ordinary fork. There was nothing strange about it aside from its location.

"What the hell?"

The profound confusion he felt looking at the pristine cutlery caused his focus to wane, allowing the orb of Ardor to dissipate into the air.

He quickly made another orb of Ardor, and then pocketed the fork, continuing his journey with a hint of wariness.

He discovered little to nothing of value besides the ore veins scattered throughout the cave as he continued.

However, since Zack didn't face any danger, he pressed onward in hopes of finding something worthwhile.

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Zack had begun absentmindedly walking eventually. His mind clear as he focused on keeping the condensed orb of Ardor intact.

Stumbling over something and falling on his face, Zack's train of thought returned as he cussed to himself.

He took five points of damage from the fall, and felt a burning sensation around his nose. He had to form another orb of Ardor because of that.

Zack then looked behind him and saw that he had stumbled over a rusty set of tracks. There was no minecart to be seen, but he could hear the faint sound of rushing water from the left corridor.

He followed the track into the left corridor, wondering if he had finally found something worthwhile.

Before he got anywhere with his travels into the left corridor, he suddenly got a notification and closed his eyes to see what it was.

[For being logged onto the server for an hour on release day, you have received a gift as thanks for your support and interest in Conquest Carnival. This gift will remain in your inventory for one week before disappearing, so make sure to open it as soon as possible!]

He decided to save it for later, and pondered on whether or not he should log off now and go to his other account, or if he should continue his adventures within the cave.

Before making his decision, he checked the time.

[10:37 P.M.]

'Ah man, looks like my cave adventure is going to have to wait, I'm not passing up the second gift.'

He selected the logout button after hiding within a small crevice in the corridor, and appeared within his virtual lobby, just outside of the golden vortex that led to the realm of Conquest Carnival.

He summoned Kai and adjusted the login settings for Conquest Carnival, and then walked back in, being greeted by the login screen once again.

[Kit Identification: DTD13/7-2]

[Password: **********]

The character creation room materialized around him once more, and he again checked yes to confirm that he was comfortable with his physical proportions. The golden pillar of light crashed down on the ground in front of him, revealing the same bare bones model he had worked with an hour before.

He gave it the same vibrant tan skin that he had given Valerio, and then finely tuned its features to look like another person. He gave it golden yellow irises, and spikey black hair. Zack also excluded the X shaped scar from this model's face.

He gave little importance to this model's nether region, leaving it at the default before checking yes in response to the system's warning about the difficulty in changing one's appearance.

His point of view rised, and he now inhabited the body he had just created.

With a blinding flash following another notification, Zack once again found himself within the Pnuemascape.

This time, rather than appearing in pitch black darkness, he appeared at the pedestal, in front of the ethereal crystal.

It was still green, rather than the white it had been before he interacted with it before.

"Back so soon, young man?"

The orb of multicolored light appeared atop the crystal again.

"Well, whatever, hardly the first time today. Kind of unprecedented, but I suppose that's what I get for making a deal with him again."

Following an exasperated sigh, the feminine voice continued by saying "Go on then, choose the path in life for your second vessel."

Before Zack could ask any questions, the pedestals depicting the various available classes appeared along with the golden pillars of light. As he looked around, he noticed the swordsman class pedestal was missing.

"What, you really want to choose the same path for your second vessel?" The feminine voice asked, a hint of ridicule hidden under a thin veil of curiosity. Zack's mind was reeling, this NPC really was strange.

"Hey, uh, what deal are you talking about?" He attempted to probe the NPC, but she was quick to shut him down.

"Nothing of your concern, young man. Now, hurry up will you? I'm not helping you out with the path descriptions again."

Zack scratched his neck as he tried to shake off the awkwardness, she was certainly more pushy than last time.

With a sigh, he pondered on what his second class would be. He had given it plenty of thought already, but he couldn't decide even now.

He thought about the Elemental Sorcerer Class, and how he could probably learn a lot of magical techniques. He then thought about the ranger class and how cool Diz had looked during the fight with ShortFuse22.

Zack even thought about the berserker class for a time, but it wasn't his style to rampage about on the battlefield. He then turned his attention to the Cleric Class Pedestal, and pondered about serving a higher power.

He felt on the fence about doing so. The cleric class had many advantages, and he might even be able to learn some transferable skills, much like the elemental sorcerer class. He might even be able to learn how to make potions. . .

But he wasn't entirely interested in being a support class!

Zack weighed his options after having narrowed them down to three classes. Elemental Sorcerer, Cleric, and Martial Artist were the three classes he had decided upon.

Zack liked the idea of fighting with his bare fists, and using magic to supplement any prospective fighting styles he may have come across. But he also liked the prospects hidden behind becoming an Elemental Sorcerer and Cleric.

His poker face had begun turning into a frown as he got lost in thought, and the NPC waiting for him to choose was beginning to get annoyed, but remained silent to avoid ruining Zack's train of thought.

"I've decided, this vessel will take on the path of the Martial Artist."

Without a word from the female NPC, his vision blurred and became dark, and he felt as though he had entered the void of nothingness, his senses mute once again.

Just like before, his senses returned to him and he was lying down on a bed.

This time, he had awoken within a substantially higher quality room. He didn't know what kind of building he resided in, but the sliding door and various decorations made it clear that he was in some sort of foreign building.

Before he got up, a notification rang out in his mind.

"You have spawned in as a member of the Fierce Gale Sect."

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