2 What I Believe

Chapter 2

Staring at the light at the end of the tunnel I feel the walls around me contort as I'm slowly pushed out of the compact space. Feeling the air around me sting my sensitive skin I let out a wail of pain and begin to cry. I curse this new born body of mine for being so sensitive only for the pain to quickly fade. Feeling myself quickly get picked up and wiped down I keep my eyes closed to save them from burning from the bright light. For nine fucking months I was in the womb with no light only able to listen to the sounds of my surrogate mother her bombing heart almost made me go deaf before I was able to control my senses. 

It also didn't help the fact that there was a second body in there so near the end of my stay it was so cramped I could barely move so I made sure I would be the first one out.

"Come on Lyanna, one more push. You have one more baby to come." I hear a masculine voice say as the screams of a woman fills my ears.

"I-I can't!" I hear her shout as more screams fill my ears the sound of another child joining them. Lyanna Stark perhaps? When I watched the show I remember her being the whole reason for Robert's Rebellion only for in the end Ned finds out that Lyanna wasn't taken at all that she left willingly. This selfish bitch allowed her own family to die because she wanted the Prince's prick. Her falling for the prince isn't what bothers me what bothers me is the fact that she didn't tell anyone. 

Human life is insignificant to me but even I make sure that my family is safe and she just threw that out the window to make sure her cunt was filled. Truly pathetic I'm disgusted just by knowing that I was being carried inside of her. 

"Lyanna!" I hear a man shout as the door slams open hitting the wall. Struggling to open my eyes I stare at an older man running across the room going to the bed ridden young woman with pitch black hair, her face drenched in sweat and her sheets bloodied form childbirth. 

"Sammy, is that you or am I dreaming?" She calls weakly as the newly named Sammy crouches next to her bed. Hearing the loud sound of their voice makes my head pound making me shut my eyes trying to focus on the peaceful sound of nothing.

As I hear the talking between Sammy and Lyanna end I feel myself get passed to someone else. Opening my eyes I stare up at the man named Sammy, his face quickly going into one of pure hatred as he looks down at me.

"George you can leave," I hear him mutter as he holds me and my sibling. 

"Sam are you sure? I can stay, I can help you burry…"

"Leave!" Sam bellows his arms shaking in rage. "I will take care of her body myself!" He shouts as his yelling stings my ears. 

Looking closely at my surroundings it's easy to tell that my initial suspicion is wrong from the thatch roof and dirt floor. I was not born into royalty, but I'm fine with that, being royalty would make me have one too many eyes on me. 


Sitting peacefully on the forest floor in front of the two graves one freshly dug I listen to the whistling of the wind and the chirping of the birds. Activating my Byakugan I look through the forest the thick leaves of the lush trees becoming see through as I stare at the animals.

"Well Josey I can't say I didn't try. I lived this new life trying to make sure my family survived but with your death it seems my only family died." Josey was my 'twin' sister but she was always sickly and frail being bed ridden most of her life. I tried to save her but everything I tried failed even magic potions couldn't help her. She was destined to die.

My suspicion was correct before I came to this world. Everyone has chakra or at least a small amount of chakra. The only thing is they can't activate it without a chakra system. It's been sixteen years since I've arrived in this world and quite a boring sixteen years its been.

My new name is Damon with no last name apparently low borns don't get any. I was born to a simple farmer family that grows potatoes and sells them to whoever would buy. I've spent these last sixteen years of my life training, training my eyes, my Otsutsuki bloodline, and my power of creation. 

Holding out my hand I picture a golden coin in my mind watching as the same golden coin I pictured in my head appears out of thin air dropping in the palm of my hand. 

At first it was much more difficult for me to create anything but after my tenth year of practice I was able to master making anything inanimate. Living things are much more difficult to create, when I first tried to make a living creature I tried to make a simple song bird but once it appeared it was merely a lifeless vessel of what I had pictured. When I had dissected the bird it was completely hollow with no insides similar to a husk. It reminded me of a puppet, but I was not discouraged. I continued to practice over the next six years and I can feel it. I am close, oh so close to mastering life creation.

Standing from the forest floor I look down at the simple piece of parchment paper with flawless handwriting I can't help but admire my greatness. I learned how to write in the common language through examining the nobles in the nearest village with my Byakugan. Picking up the piece of paper and feathered pen I hover slightly and fly through the forest making my way to a flowing stream. Hovering slightly above the water I stare at myself in the reflection admiring my new appearance. I have soft facial features that make me look a tad feminine with absolutely no blemishes to be found anywhere on my skin and long straight silk like tan hair that goes down to the top of my shoulder blades with pale white pupils.

When I was a child Sam was worried that I was blind and was planning to kill me believing me to be more of a burden then anything else which was why he was astonished when I wasn't.

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Reaching into a small tattered coin sack that I made I reach into it and pull out two empty buckets filling them up with water. In my experimenting with my creation I was able to discover that I can make magic items which is how I was able to make the magic coin sac that can hold a whole town's worth of items.

Flying back through the hilly forest I land where the trees end staring out into an open field with long rows of potatoes with Sam in the middle of them picking the potatoes putting them into an old dirty sac. Walking down the dirt path with the two buckets of water hoisted on my shoulder I make my way to a large wood cabin with a young girl outside washing clothes in a basin. 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Turning to the window of the house I stare at a thin red headed woman around thirty years old with long red dirty hair and a small almost non existent chest. 

Feeling the anger inside me rise I lift the buckets off my shoulder setting them down gently next to me. I tried to make it work living a normal life just to try and see what it's like because my last life was anything but normal but I hate normal.

"ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE BOY OR ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER ME?" Malian squawks walking out of the cabin. Malian is the woman my father remarried and frankly I don't blame him; she is definitely above average… for a commoner, if you look past her shit personality that makes her beauty irrelevant.

Staring at Malian standing in the doorway of the house I take a single step using my speed to arrive in front of her in an instant backhanding her with just enough power to send her to the dirt floor knocking her unconscious. Hearing the screams of a young girl I turn to look at my younger 'half sister' no older than five. Her name is Lehna, she's a cute girl but for what I have planned for this world giving her a quick death will be easiest for her. For the empire I plan on building she has no place standing beside me. I tried to have a normal life and it didn't work and now I have to wipe out everyone who knows even this fake family.

Speeding over to her before she has anytime to react I create a long dagger stabbing right through her skull effortlessly.

Turning to the last member of my 'family' I look at Sam still picking potatoes completely oblivious to the death I've caused. Sam used to be a bandit stealing from the weak to get by before starting a new life so if anyone understands what I'm doing it would be him because to start a new life you have to destroy your old one. Speeding to the oblivious Sam I create another dagger plunging it into the back of his skull before going back to an unconscious Malian. 

"Now what should I do with you?" 


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