1 Turning the throne of universe part 1

A boy name ayan turn himself as leader of public and attack the palace of ahmedabad [ capital of gujarat] with the army of 12500 people and some manipulation techniques .

On other hand king have forces of 50000 well trained soldiers , hundreds of horses and several elephants.

Ayan use manipulation techniques he fake that attack is happening outskirts of city and he secretly attack the palace when the king and his force reach the battlefield and he saw there were only few hundred soldiers with sword but the king don't know there were 8 small forces of hundreds which were hiding and 7 of those were equiped and bow and arrow ,They also have a secret weapon cannon .

The swordman and king forces were 1.5 km far when king forces started running toward then they were attack with arrows and cannon until they reach the swordman there half of forced and killed but one more suprise is left when they were 50 metre away from swordman there was 15 feet long hole below the ground with pointed spikes which was hide by wood and grass .

Before the night forces were defeated and ayan side saw some casualties, now ayan took over gujarat and it's now start of conquest

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