Conquering the Lower Realms
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Conquering the Lower Realms


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What is Conquering the Lower Realms

Read Conquering the Lower Realms novel written by the author djarcher on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, fantasy, magic, overpoweredmc. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On an island in the forgotten seas, there lies a mansion. In truth it's a glorified prison for the strongest mages known to man. They were imprisoned after the ancient war that had taken place 500 years ago. But can they truly not leave? As the prisoners stop to remain as docile as they were before the world suddenly learns why those people were kept away from society. But the escaped prisoners have much grander plans and set their sight on the lower realms, a unique set of worlds below the surface. Author's note: If you find any mistakes in my writing feel free to point them out in the comments. I'm always trying to improve the quality of my writing and any help is much appreciated. I you want to chat or ask more specific questions about any of my books join my discord: https://discord.gg/aCcmyzw


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First review! As of writing this, i have caught up on chapters, of which there are currently 58. Writing Quality: 5/5, there are few grammatical errors and certainly none that impede reading this story, and typically id give 4 stars because of this, however i left a comment most of the time when i saw them and the author fixed them. Overall, pretty good, could use a slight improvement. Updating Stability: 5/5, right now the author is updating 5 chapters a week, which is slightly below average, yet considering that this book has few viewers, thats already way more than i expected. Overall, great stability and good dedication. Story Development: 4/5, as is a problem with many OP protagonist stories, there are some plotholes regarding how he could easily solve situations, making it difficult to push the plot. However, besides a scant few situations, the author does a great job of this, making the story constantly move with a general theme. The reason i gave this 4 stars is because some things arent very clear, like why exactly he does something or what he is preparing for, as there is no actual explanation, you kind of have to piece it together yourself. I dont really like this as i read for leisure when i dont want to have to put my mind at work, so even if it seems as if youre explaining to idiots, it might be better. Overall, really interesting, just maybe explain things more obviously. Character Design: 5/5, i really like the MC and he makes logical and rational decisions. He is, of course, an OP protagonist who has a sort of cool and levelheaded personality. What i really like though, are the side characters. Each one is fleshed out with their own personality and motivations, really make the world feel as if its alive. The only thing i can nitpick about is that sometimes conversations seem too...unrealistic? For example, when MC was talking to this cartographer, he asked her if she wanted to learn about something important or life changing, i believe, and she immediately said somrthing like “maybe but now is not the time to do so.” This is a kind of mild example but just throughout your story maybe add some small things like saying “After thinking hard for a few moments, she made a decision and said” or just something along those lines, as it helps break up conversations. Overall, love it. World Background: 4/5, this universe is really fleshed out and its easy to tell that the author put a lot of time into thinking it up, and a main issue i have is the same as the plot development, like its somewhat hard to understand exactly what is what, like what is a world god? Is the realm that they were imprisoned the main realm or just another lower one? And its hard to know if you are right even if you do figure it out as there are no straight explanations. The only other real complaint i have is that, even after 58 chapters, im not sure of the tiers of mages and have to go back to check the grades of weapons. Overall, really good besides what i wrote. Really author, you have the makings of an incredible book right now, and some of the best advice I can give you is to give more straight explanations so readers dont have to figure it out themselves. I know i phrased some things poorly in this, after all im no writer, but i hope you at least got the main points. Ill definitely keep updated on your story, good luck!




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