Conquering Space With My Licking System (Draft) Book

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Conquering Space With My Licking System (Draft)


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What is Conquering Space With My Licking System (Draft)

Read Conquering Space With My Licking System (Draft) novel written by the author Nr_Yet1208 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Moved to "Conquering space with my Licking system." That's the edited version and will be updated daily, check it out.

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This is my third book on WN. And yes, I'm writing three books at the same time. I really liked this story so I couldn't wait. Writing is fun for me, so I'll keep on writing and hopefully entertaining you in the process. I'll answer some stuff below. Ps. Feel free to ask me anything. PPS. Give me all thy powerstone!


The novels have become frivolous, boring, and perverted because of the author. He needs to read my comment just to benefit: the handsome hero with a friendly and kind family, a beautiful and warm mother, a beautiful or domineering sister, a likable and shy little brother, and a strong-hearted father, of course always the hero's family people They are good and enforce the law and love people of course they are angels, you will not find the hero's family of sadistic villains, thieves and murderers. And all the girls in the world of course only who have a dazzling beauty need his help, and those poor little girls feel the responsibility to help and save them, the hero whose biggest concern when he gets super power is to save humanity and the world. Something disgusting and vulgar all the novels have become a deviant character. The reader hates such novels because they have nothing to do with human truth, because they depict angels of peace and love. We wish the authors to change this trivial pattern and show us the true human instincts. Selfishness, anger, murder, theft, arrogance, pride, fraud, deception, impersonal, self-interested, does not care about anyone, does not interfere in the affairs of others, does not help people, this is how the novel will become interesting You will not be able to predict the actions of the characters The events will become unexpected And enthusiastic, and it will bring a new revolution in the field of novels because such a character does not exist. There is one novel that I know is Revenend insanity. I guarantee you the success of your novel even if you are a beginner. Don't make the hero crazy, don't make him stupid, make him only care about his interests


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