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What is Conquer

Conquer is a popular web novel written by the author TheOGDuanChen, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 588.1K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Inspired by their father's words. These brothers set off with a goal of conquering everything in their path be it: Betrayals, romance or themselves. Follow their journey from childhood to adults as they set about conquering the entire world. The image is not mine by the way and I will be uploading 2 chapters a day. Please support me https://www.patreon.com/Conquer (Hopefully this time I'll get it right)

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Buddy, i havn't read your novel, but just the review make me interested. As i see now, your novel got under rated so let me give u a little boost for the next week coming :)


Honestly I am shocked at how this novel is so underrated because this an amazing novel The story is about a guy who is reincarted into an cultivation world but it's done really well because there's no op systems or a grandpa in the ring. And the side characters are made so well and have real personalities .


Well I Would shamelessly say my novel will be the greatest thing you’ve seen but that’s a lie. The story will be sort slow at that so that all the mcs can develop their personalities properly. I will try to upload two chapters a day starting tomorrow and make sure they are edited well but I am still one guy so yeah forgive my mistakes and also point out so I can fix it and improve for future chapters.I also plan to do this novel for a while so I won’t be randomly dropping it. Well that’s my speech done, thanks in advance and hopefully you enjoy the novel


Reveal spoiler


So many chapter!!!!!!!!! Five star!!!! I love eastern fantasy!!!!!!! Keep up the good work yoooooo!!!!!!!!!! Why does there have to be word limit ! I think that’s why you don’t have any com,ents


great so far...


Very underrated novel! I've only read till ch 17 and I'm absolutely hooked; I love it. The world background is great. The characters are amazing and well written. Highly recommend it! Great work author.


Hey buddy. I'm going to read this tomorrow because I'm busy with my own novels, but I like what I see in the synopsis. You've got a great amount of views too. I'm honestly surprised you don't have enough reviews to rank yet. Keep it up! 👍😁


This was familiar enough to draw in anybody that is a fan of cultivation novels several details I had made mention of in the comments section are what will keep me interested enough to keep reading. I truly am getting bored of OP ridiculous characters that wish to burn the entire world to the ground and rule over a kingdom of ashes while sitting on a throne of skulls watching the last sunset on planet earth. All of these are the good points. Truly a hidden gem out of 330k people who have viewed this story it's sad to see that there are so few reviews.Overall a serious work that I wish to be successful.


This novel is absolutely amazing. It is well-written and I am thoroughly impressed. I like the multiple POVs you provide giving us an insight into all the characters and their thoughts. Keep it up, Author!


*Remember, this review is based on the first 5 chapters* Constructive Criticism: try to make an update schedule, even if to accomplish it you need to post a little less often, and schedule the release. Also, is there any world background in the first 5 chapters? I have not really seen it, and there are only few places whereas it could have been placed and actually added to the story.;,;. Positive Feedback: Unique plot concept, and well done plot and character development thus far.;,;. I also have no complaints for writing quality.;,;. Personal Feedback: This story is well done, It just does not suit my taste, therefore I will not be reading further.;,;. Keep up the good work.;,;. Scores: WQ 5/5 SoU 4/5 SD 5/5 CD 5/5 WB 4/5


Underated novel, i hope ur novel will rise to the top 💪 the stort is amazing, so guys , do not be scared to read this novel . I'll help you boost this novel to the top to let people see ur novel 🤙


This story is really good. I'm surprised it's so unknown. Really underrated. The characters act real enough that you can see them doing things and understand why they would do such a thing. To be honest I just like the characters so far. A fresh breathe of air. They have their flaws and they aren't perfect. I feel like the story is going to improve because the author can take this story where it is now anywhere he wants. On chapter 30 currently


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