2 Dimensional group chat

A 15 year old boy sat alone while listening to his music.

" Well , well , well if it Isn't Ryu , how is life been still acting dull . " A 15 year old boy approached our weak looking protagonist . This bully was well known however no matter what he did to bully Ryu it always backfired but not this time.

Ryu ignored him and continued listening to his music.

" Hey am talking to you " Ryu ignored him .

The bully got angry and spitted at his clothes trying to provoke him.

Ryu stood up , looked the bully in the eye .

" A fight " Someone whispered as the attention was diverted to the two.

" What two weak to throw the first punch. " The bully asked.

Ryu spitted in his face. " I spit on you "

" You gonna wish you never did that " He said as he rubbed Ryu spit . When he was done , he saw Ryu walking out of the train.

" HEY !! "

( Back at Ryu's mansion )

Ryu arrived when he saw his twin sister Lily and the bully ( Ryan ) kissing.

" Hey " He said as the teenagers retracted lips and looked at him

" What are you doing. " Ryu asked.

" Uh bro , this is my uh ... Boyfriend " Ryu gave Ryan the stink eye.

" Oh pleasure to meet you " Ryu faked Meeting for the first time .

" Likewise "

" Ok Sis am going to shower I'll be back " Ryu said as he headed to take his handgun.

" Oh ok " She said as she turned to her soon to be dead boyfriend and started kissing.

( 2 minutes later )

The couple was cuddling each and this made Ryu vomit ... literally.

Seeing his sister with a bully and a womanizer for a boyfriend made him angry , no stupid person was gonna break his twin sisters heart . Her heart and soul was for the devil ... Joking .

" Hey Ryan "

" Huh "

* Gunshot *

RIP Ryan , A true man of culture.

His last action was looking back and his last words was " Huh "

He died due to trying to womanize the wrong girl. Poor dude didn't know who he was associating with .

He died young and proud as a true man of culture for never backing up in taking the initiative to clap those cheeks.



Back to the story .




" * Scream * What's have you done !! "

" Protecting my sister " He said with a blank expression.

" You killed him !! " Lily shouted.

" He was a bully and a womanizer "

" So what !! You never change I mean this is the 4th one this week for god's sakes , when are you gonna stop killing my boyfriends " Lily shouted.

" Until the perfect one comes for you . Damn it sis , open your eyes , he was obviously using you probably for money then throw you like the rest. "

" So what , I Loved him ! "

" No that was lust , you're a teenager , it's common to experience this things " Ryu said.

Out of anger , Lily jumped to hit her brother but she was shot in the head .

" I'll give you some hours to think of your decision. " Ryu said as he carefully placed his sister on the couch.

He put his headphones , started listening to music and started dancing to the rythm while dragging Ryan to the basement .

He activated the shredder then threw the corpse and watched it get shredded as blood spattered everywhere.

He then collected the remaining blood and used it to water his plants.

' What a wonderful evening ' He thought as he smiled.

" Evening neighbor , I see you're tending to your plants again , I wonder which manure you give your plants to grow so fast." His middle aged neighbor greeted.

" Well the secret ingredient is blood , I could give you if you want , I have too much "

" Hahaha ! I see you kept you mother's humor . Anyway see you later neighbor" He said as he walked away.

" But I didn't lie " Ryu murmured.

As he walked back , he saw her sister about to recover .

" I see you're awake. "

" Ryan ! Where's Ryan ! " Lily asked.

" Oh of course you forgot . Well my plants are having a delectable meal I might say. " Ryu said.

" You killed him !! " Lily's eyes widened.

" Of course captain obvious , damn it why do I have to explain everything again when I Kill you " Ryu said.

" Ugh " Lily woke up from the couch , slapped her brother and stormed her room.

" Don't even talk to me you here " Lily said before banging the door.

* Blank face * * Cricket noises * " Ok "

Ryu soon went to his room after having his dinner . His room was completely normal apart from albums of music and a ' cute ' baby demon he is taking care of that is sleeping in it's baby bed oh and also a variety of weapons collected throughout the world . RPG , Grenade , Ak-47 , Shotgun , nuke bomb you name it he has it and of course he occasionally creates weapons like a doll that can kill an entire army when activated , a picture that literally traps you inside the photo and many more.

Yep completely normal.

Ryu sat in his bed and started looking at his chat. He then came across a chat he had just been invited to .

[ Do you wish to enter Dimensional chat group ]

[ Yes | No ]

He seemed intrigued with this group since it looked mysterious and he wanted to test his latest weapon , The Loli assassin. A robot that looks like a Loli and has high charm like his sister and is the perfect assassin, knowing all the human pressure points and the easiest and fastest way to kill.

[ Yes ]

Sadistic sis con ( Admin ) has joined the chat group ]

[ A hero for fun has joined the chat group ]

[ Alien milf has joined the chat group ]

[ Advocate of gender equality has joined the chat group ]

[ Perverted Octopus has joined the chat group ]

[ Magical Sis con has joined the chat group ]

[ Obsessed magician has joined the chat group ]

[ Perverted demon has joined the chat group ]

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