2 Olympic Games

Tokyo was in a full Olympic mood- the out-of-scale gigantic gym, and many other buildings, were under construction, light poles with flying banners of 2020 and five rings. "the unfortunate mascot," Ily sighed... her boyfriend laughed at it: "so ugly, castrated." so mean, she thought, but also weirdly funny.

They were staying at a hotel near the imperial palace, where Lucas went out jogging every morning. He packed the sneakers and a runner jacket with him before flying from Geneve, to "keep the routine." He was amazed at how Japanese runners were professionally equipped, "poor thing" he commented, "the Japanese are so good at turning a pleasure into something mechanical..." Ily had that feeling again, like putting her feet into those exotic water basins where tons of small fishes rushed biting her legs, itchy and burning. Even she was in love with him, adored him constantly, but she felt very uncomfortable hearing his comments, in a humorous but belittling manner, on things outside of his own culture and country. And there were a lot of moments like this.

"Well, maybe they want to become professional runners one day, or maybe they are fashion lovers." she tried to defend them: there was an impulse there.

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"well, certainly not! you can tell... "

Lucas was in a good mood that he could not stop. Ily had to remind him that they have a brunch appointment near the park. His mind was still on the peculiarities of the Japanese. He kept talking, in French, on the hotel elevator, on the pedestrian walk along the moat, on their outdoor table in the fancy restaurant.

"You know, it is a miracle, that they do everything in a perfect manner but in the wrong direction…"

Ily kept her signature charming smile while glimpsed at their surroundings. People, mostly young couples, were curious about them. She knew their looks, about a French man being Frenchy, with an Asian-looking, not Japanese woman. She wore a soft, short-cut leather jacket, in black, with a La Perla bralette top, in lace and black too, showing naturally but a nice décolleté. She pulled back her attention to Lucas' ongoing lecture, while secretly enjoying others' looks, thinking, oh he is annoying. but oh God, he is so hot. The Hibiya Park is blooming, green lawn, sort of smoky light blue sky. Everything is so lively with hope.

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