1 The Beginning (Test chapter)

GENERAL FALINX looked upon the rebel base in disgust. Turning to an underling he commanded. "Activate the teleport system, get Concordia here."

The entire room froze as a shiver ran up everyone's backs.

One underling looked up at the General with wide eyes. "But General there's civilians in that base."

Falinx stared down the poor fool and snorted uglily "Soldier there are no civilians in that base. Every dot you see in that town is guilty of war crimes against the Empire. Terrorists with no conscious, only blood thirsty animals are in that base and you know it." He stopped for a breath and looks out the window towards the rebel base. "Now get to it. This is the biggest base we've seen in a while. Destroying it will be a win for the Empire."

His words spurred everyone to do as the General commanded with a "Sir, yes Sir!"

Falinx smiled and stared through the 70 inch thick glass of his hidden Argonaut vessel. The huge space faring vessel cloaked in the best technology the Emperor could get for his best General.

Finally a soldier looked from the console and shouted "General the Floating city should be arriving soon!"

Quickly the General asked "how long?"

The answer was quick. "30 seconds sir!"

Falinx smiled

"Get the count down ready for 10 seconds."

"Of course sir."

Smiling Falinz looked towards the doomed rebels and laughed loudly. "Soon every single one of you rebels will be sent to hell!" His exclamation was met with yells from around the bridge.

"Soldier how lon-"


"Never mind."


Alarms sang from the base as they picked up the spatial distortion.


Lights came to life as the base attempted to disrupt the teleportation.


"Heh. Idiots."


"That'll never work."


"Concordia will never be stopped."


Blue wisps of light sprang all across over the rebel base. The sheer vastness that they covered spoke of the objects mass.


The blue lights brightened to be like fire works.


The lights became as bright as a star



A massive city teleported over the rebel base. It's presence sending panic to the rebels beneath it.

The behemoth of human ingenuity hang in the sky like some alien god.

General Falinx smiled as lights as red as hells fire glowed under the city and recited a quote he remembered from long ago "And so the Fires of hell opened up from beneath him. He screamed in unimaginable horror as hands emancipated and rotted rose from the fiery gullet of hell and grabbed him. They pulled and pulled, and he struggled and struggled, but it was for naught as he was dragged into the ground to his demise." He smiled as he looked upon the city as gravity betrayed them, pulling them upwards towards the weapon. "Though it should be from the sky not the ground."

The red lights brightened in an unholy glow brightening until it could no longer be looked at.

"May god be with us all in the end." Falinx smiled and closed his eyes. "For I will now be."

Light exploded from underneath the City of Concordia and bathed the rebel base in fire.

(The End)

I hope that was good. I'm not very great at this as it's my first time.

I hope I'm not ripping anything off with this idea.