1 Introduction

Character One the Skellington

They are made up of bones from animals (In most cases) and have two skulls for shoulders in most cases. they all start out as all human bones but over time it adds and removes bone and it's almost as smart as humans when it's developed . The reason for having two skulls on its shoulders is unknown but it's thought that its for protection or a sign of dominance in its early stages

It can be most commonly found at Battlefields and graveyards they don't need to eat but like the feel of blood even with its lack of tissue (Flesh) it still has its sense of touch and can add on to its bone collection and gain the abilities of whatever creatures bones it adds. It uses blood of humans and animals as well as Half-humans to harden their bones they are said to be one of the hardest creatures to defeat if they are developed but are easy to defeat when they are undeveloped and only are made of human bones but it's hard to tell the difference between them and skeletons. As mentioned before they use bones to gain abilities and can even learn magic. About 98% of them are considered bad guys

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