Concealed Trilogy Book

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Concealed Trilogy


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The concealed are walking the streets of the mortal world. A mixture of vampires, shifters, demons and so much more are monitored constantly. The ones who follow the rules live in peace and those who don't are hunted. The establishment is responsible for the hunting and delivering justice to those creatures. Three women hunters, three different species, powers beyond anyone’s imagination will soon be thrusted into a world filled with chaos filled with sex, love, loss, deception and turmoil beyond compare. Shikari, Ali and Mer are three unique women who have been trained to be the executioners of evil and soon realize the world they grew up knowing isn’t what it seems. Love, friendship and loyalty will all be tested as the women work together to save the mortal world and just hope they don’t lose their hearts in the process... Concealed Trilogy is created by LMT, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.