1 Keira Ashedeli, Welcome to Moyulan

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I was sitting on a giant piece of metal high above the ground and working on my Jaeger, Karthjaw when my partner in crime Amara Namani came sprinting in with her gloves and black jacket still on. Usually, we took off our robbery clothes straight away.

"Hey, Mars! You get that plasma capacitor from the scrapyard?" I called to her.

"Yeah, but the PPDC was right on my tail. And some random guy and his buds were there trying to snake it out from under me," she called back up as she placed the capacitor into her Jaeger, Scrapper.

"Dammit! You think they followed you here?" I said as I put my screwdriver back into my toolbelt and slid down to the ladder I had put up.

"Sure hope not, otherwise we'll be in huge trouble." I chuckled at Amara's comment.

She was looking at her Jaeger strangely and I realized that she was missing the screwdriver she needed to latch the capacitor compartment again. I saw it and swiped it from its spot on the table. I walked over to Amara and tapped her arm to get her attention. In my other hand, I held the screwdriver.

"Looking for this, Mars?" I giggled as she snatched it away and stuck her tongue out at me.

I suddenly heard a noise come from inside the room where our bunk beds were.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Mars.

"It came from inside of our room," I said.

I picked up a pipe that was lying on the ground and crept towards the room. There was definitely somebody in there. I took a step inside and came bumped into the chest of a large dark man. I took the pipe and shoved the end of it into his solar plexus.

"Get to Scrapper! Go!" I yelled to Mars.

She turned around and ran while I fended off the gigantic man, landing about every other shot. He took the pipe out of my hand, shoved me to the concrete floor and pointed it at my stomach. I felt my hood fly off my head, revealing my face.

"How old are you?" he chuckled condescendingly.

"Old enough to kick your-" I tried to sit up.

He thrust the pipe at me and chided, "Ah-ah-ah. Let's take a second. Back up." he motioned for me to lay back down and I obliged.

"You build this thing yourself?" he asked, pointing at Karthjaw.

"What do you think?' I retorted.

"I think that I can sell your little toy for a whole lot of money," he said, bringing his face close enough that I could feel its warmth.

"Karthjaw is not a toy, and she is not for sale!" I yelled at him.

By now Amara had gotten into her Jaeger and was booting up the systems. The man's head and mine both turned at the sound of sirens. The PPDC.

"You led them here?!" I cried incredulously.

"That's impossible," he sounded dazed.

I seized the opportunity. I knocked the pipe out of his hands with my foot and ran to Karthjaw. I quickly scaled her legs and leapt into the Conn-Pod. I put my gloves on and strapped myself in. The man climbed into Amara's Jaeger and started to mess around with the systems. I heard them arguing and motioned to Mars to put on her headset as it put mine on.

"Scrapper to Karthjaw, do you copy?" she said into the comms.

"I read you loud and clear, Scrapper!" I replied happily.

We both ran out of the hangar, kicking PPDC cars out of the way as we went. All of a sudden, we got simultaneous proximity alerts.

"Karthjaw, that's November Ajax!" Mars called into the comms.

"I got it!" I said. "Unleashing missile barrage! Mars! Use your cloaking!"

I heard Ajax say over his P.A., "Pilots of unregistered Jaeger, this is the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Power down and exit your Conn-Pod."

I activated my missiles and shot them at Ajax's ankles. I could see that they had some impact on his stability, so I used some kicking techniques to further my progress. We regrouped later on and activated our rolling modifications.

We shot through several buildings before landing in the middle of one very large one. We celebrated momentarily.

"You see that?" Mars said over the comms. "We just out-piloted November Ajax."

"Heck yeah, we did!" I said.

Just then we received another proximity alert. Ajax's hand was reaching in and attempting to grab both of our Jaegers.

"OK, Ashe, what do you got?" Mars asked me.

"I'll distract him, but you need to get up to his head and release one of your ion cells. It can temporarily deactivate his systems. After that, you will start to lose power so just run to the beach!" I said.

"Understood!" Amara started to run up his arm.

Meanwhile, I ran around the side and began to unleash small rabbit punches on his torso. His other arm grabbed me and held on even though his systems were down. Scrapper had run toward the beach, but I was trapped.

Over the comms, I said, "Karthjaw to Scrapper, I'm trapped. Go without me!"

"Absolutely not! That's final!" Amara yelled back at me.

It made no difference anyway since Ajax used his power-down cords on Amara's Jaeger. He tapped her Conn-Pod and she and the other man stepped out. Ajax still had a death grip on me. I watched Amara get hauled off with the man while I sat there in the other Jaeger's hand. After a while, Ajax put me down and his pilots stepped out.

"Please exit your Conn-Pod." one of them told me.

I obliged since I really had no choice. It was that or prison. Although I probably was going to prison anyway. I quietly stepped out of my Conn-Pod and climbed down my Jaeger's leg. I reached the sand and placed my hands above my head in surrender.

"Come with us. There's a transportation compartment in our Jaeger that we want you to come back to Moyulan with." the other said.

"Why not send me to prison? I mean, I'm in the same position as them." I said, pointing to Amara and the other person.

"Secretary-General Mori has something special planned for you," he said, taking my arm and dragging me into the lift that would send us up to the Conn-Pod.

Mako Mori and I had known each other a long time ago. She was older than me, and we only met a few times, but we had crossed paths since my family knew Raleigh Becket. We went to visit Hong Kong's Shatterdome when I was 11, ten years ago, and we saw Raleigh Becket and Mako. Mako and I had made friends right away.

She taught me about Jaeger mechanics and piloting. We even took a test to see if I could be drift compatible with anybody while I was there since I wanted to be a pilot more than anything. The results said that I was not drifting compatible. I could never drift with anybody. That day, Mako told me that one day she would get me into officer training. I even stayed about a month extra there, taking all of the prerequisites. Mako had promised that one day that would pay off.

I guess today was that day.

Ajax was picked up by the transports and we moved quickly to the Moyulan Shatterdome in China. I got there and asked the pilots, named Duncan and Carlos, where Mako was. They told me that I would see her soon enough. They took me around the floor and introduced me to the techs, pilots, and even Jaegers. My Jaeger was brought in later in the day and given its own bay.

A large transport came in about an hour later, and with it, Amara and the man, who they told me was Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost. I tried to go over to give Mars a hug, but Duncan held me back.

"You need to be professional. You're entering officer training soon so you need to learn how to act towards us Rangers and the Cadets sooner rather than later." he hissed into my ear.

I gave a quick nod and realigned my posture. I saw Amara fangirling over the Jaegers just like I had. We were about to go over and greet them when Ranger Lambert intercepted us. I never got a chance to say hello to Amara because Carlos told me that I was assigned a room and that they were going to lead me to it.

Once we got inside the Shatterdome, I was escorted to my room and Duncan and Carlos bid me farewell for the time being. I found that I was already given a uniform, so I put it on and read a book about Jaeger history that I found in my room with a note from Mako that said,

Keira, here is a book that I think you will enjoy. It was mine when I was young and growing up with Stacker.

Yours Truly,

Mako Mori.

Soon, I got a call from my room to get to the Command room to meet Marshal Quan and the other techs. I headed down there and was surprised at how friendly everybody was. Luckily, I knew Mandarin, so I could communicate with them in both languages. We chose Mandarin.

"Miss Ashedeli," Marshal Quan said in Mandarin. "Welcome to the crew. Mako tells us that you have already completed the prerequisites, so you will be joining the Command team. Effective immediately."

"It is an honour, Marshal," I replied in Mandarin.

After that, I met the rest of the techs. Before I knew it, I had to return to my room to get some rest. Command started at 0500 hours, so I had to rest up.

Tomorrow would be a wild rollercoaster of a day.