1 Announcement.

My name is Victoria Gold and 18 years old. I am girl with an average height and weight. My hair is wavy and caramel in colour. I live with my parents in City Findal and I have an older sister named Molly Gold ,who is already married with a commander of the Army, Leo.

It was the end of my graduation day but our classroom teacher announced us to gather in the classroom for an special announcement.

"We have organised a campaign for each and everyone of you, you will be taken to a fully responsible Army Camp for a 6 month of training, the goals of this are to be strong to protect yourself or if you are good enough, you will be provided a chance to join the army officially but the ultimate goal is to make good last memories within you because some of you will have to part away from each other. ...Here are the forms, the ones who are interested please fill them and hand it over before leaving", said our classroom teacher while pointing into a bunch of papers and left the classroom.

"What are you guys planning to do?", Rosa, one of my best friends asked. She wears spectacles and always dressed decently. She is always the class first. She is so kind and good for us but sometimes, she acts as our mom as giving advices to do this and that blah blah blah...

"Is the training are so difficult? and we wouldn't be able to come home till 6 months", Tina my other best friend replied. Tina is one of the beautiful girls I have ever seen. So she is quite popular among boys. She is the tallest among me and Rosa. She is poor in her gradings but it doesn't matter cause she is rich as hell.

"But it's our last best memories , after this we would be probably busy with jobs or marriage life so I want to join. What do you think about it Vicki?", asked Rosa from me.

"I am down if you are, I personally think it's good to spend time together in a new experience like this", I replied.

"Then I have no choice to decline let's go hand over our forms and pack our bags" said Tina.

We all handed the forms and headed back to pack things cause we'll be heading to the camp after 2 days. We had to pack many things and extra snacks cause we weren't allowed to go out.

The next day, three of us had a chat.

Rosa: Are you ready?

Me: Yup.

Tina: I am super excited now.

Me: All of sudden? You refused at first.

Rosa: Yeah...What made you change your mind so fast?

Tina: I heard that this camp we are going have many handsome and hot men in it. I may also meet my destiny in there.

Rosa: Come on girl! We are going to have some good memories before out jobs.

Me: For Tina it's going to be the marriage before the job.

Rosa: Hahaha... that's damn true.

Tina: Everything is funny for you guys.

Me: Cut the crap...Do you think everything will be alright there?

Rosa: I hope so...

Tina: We'll be safe and let's face difficultlies together.

Me: Yeah, no one can win us when we are all tight together.


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