Coming of the Apocalypse Queen
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Coming of the Apocalypse Queen


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What is Coming of the Apocalypse Queen

Read Coming of the Apocalypse Queen novel written by the author Mira_Diem on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, cultivation, revenge, apocalypse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the year 2XXX, a blue meteor from outer space landed on Earth and signaled the dawn of the apocalypse. More than 60% of the population was wiped out by a mysterious disease. Plants and animals turned into mutants. People gained powers and abilities. The world and the government collapsed and turned into a world where only the strong is respected while the weak are doomed to die. Lilian Mo didn't have a good life during the apocalypse. She was reduced to being a possession of her fiancé and became his glorified bed warmer. He kept her locked up in his villa and rarely allowed her to go out, keeping her around as his pet that he took care of. Though it was considered a luxury to be able to eat three times a day and drink clean water in the apocalypse when all the water sources are contaminated, Lilian Mo sneered at this kind of life and escaped her confinement meeting people along the way and gaining an ability on her own. She found 'friends' during her journey and fought alongside them through life and death, only to be betrayed by them. Lilian Mo died tragically when she was pushed to a group of mutant animals by her so-called 'friend' whom she treated as a sister. When it seemed like everything was going to end for her, she opened her eyes and went back to her sixteen-year-old body, two months before the apocalypse. "The heavens have not forsaken me." Lilian Mo swore to grow stronger and take revenge on those that betrayed her trust. Lucky for her, she was reborn with the knowledge of the future and given her own special dimension. Her golden cheats allowed her to sail through the apocalypse without worrying about food or water. After waking up two months before the apocalypse, Lilian Mo decided to set her eyes on the people that wronged her. ▪▪▪ A story about a girl's journey to becoming stronger while trying to survive in the apocalyptic world and facing the man of her past. ▪▪▪ Reminding my readers that this book's rating is [No One 17 And Under Allowed] which means it contains mature content not suitable for young readers. Read at your own discretion. This also includes gore, violence, abuse, and explicit content because the setting is an apocalyptic world. The MC is a heartless person who kills without hesitation but has a soft spot for the people she cares about. If this bothers you, feel free to drop the book. There are no major misunderstandings between the characters. Face slapping is reduced to a minimum and there are no exaggerated or draggy arguments. I only write happy endings ;) This is pure fiction. Don't expect it to be realistic. My third language is English--hoping that the Grammar Nazis would be gentle with me Cover photo not mine. I only edited it.


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Dear Author, I really like this book. I like the MC. She is OP in some way but her personality is not perfect which makes up for that. She's strong but cares for her teammates. Reirei who is constantly bullied by her makes me laugh and her interactions with her teammates also add a comedic spice to the story. There is a lot of diverse characters with various personalities which makes you feel hook as they aren't like other supporting characters who are only there for appearances. They actually have their own thoughts and dialogues and you can tell what kind of personality they have from that alone. I've noticed that some people don't like the ML. I also have my doubts against him but it's only 60 chapters or so in the story and we haven't seen his POV yet and he has only appeared once or twice? so there might be more to the story since we only know what the ML is like due to MC's POV. Also, I am curious about their previous life together since some things are not clarified. To be honest, I feel like the MC who shows a favorable attitude towards the Lin guy might be a hint that he's a second male lead? I am only guessing but the guy is eleven years older than her. I know that MC is mentally older because she's reborn but this age gap is still a bit unsettling for me. Anyway, the readers only know what happens because, for the most part, everything in the first 60 or so chapters is focused on MC and only shows things on her point of view so there are might be more plot twists to the story.


The story is good so far! I like how you vividly narrated the story and the development was nice and steady. I love the plotline and it was an enjoyable read! Keep it going until you reach a million views and you will find it pleasing to the eyes. Characters are showed well with various emotions and I can't help but be attached to them. Kudos and your reader here. Peace ✌️


good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good


Overall, an amazing novel. MC gets a cheat and while it is OP in some ways it isn't overbearing. Characters are unique and diverse. There are bits and pieces of comedy that spice it up. Pretty much a top tier apocalypse novel for me 4.8/5


Pretty decent book. 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): 。


i love that the main character is not the typical girl who is perfect. she has her flaws and i love deep characters at that. the world background is really interesting and i think the novel will definitely rise up. kudos to the author and i look forward to more chapters to come!


It's rare to find a consistent story like this and the story makes sense once you take a closer look. It's very well-written and I'm enjoying the cast's interaction with one another. I think that this is a gem that deserves its high ratings. Thank you, Author!


I haven't even read the novel yet but I'm already giving this 5 stars because of the synopsis. it going to be thrilling with how Lillian mo get her revenge.


Hi, author! First of all, this is a nice story, I love how the way you describe everything that makes us (readers) imagine what it is like. But I saw a few mistakes. Good job Author!


That was a long, LONG synopsis, much more like a chapter. Too much information. But you get the idea about the story, so you can chose to continue or not. The writing quality in the first few chapters looked kinda pressed. I didn't read the latest chapter so can't tell. the story development was quite fast paced as in all the novels in WN. GOODDAY WRITING.


Perfect 😊😊🥰 Please updates soon. Look forward to it and thank you for the update. Hope you have a good day. Once again, please update soon. Thank you.


The story is really good. I really like it. And why is almosr every end of chapter a cliffhanger???? It makes me so impatiences waiting for updates. SO, please update, WAIT NO, Take you time.😊 😳😳But not to much.


[img=update] Hello, author. I've been a fan of your book and I just want to know how what your UD schedule is. The chapters usually leave me feeling bummed because I want to know what happens next! This story is so good!




I love the MC's cold and merciless personality, only having a soft spot for the people she cared about. It's also so damn satisfying to see some face-slapping. I hope to see some more badass solo actions from the MC. Can't wait for a new chapter to read! (●´・∀・)b


I love the story. I like the interaction between MC and her group. It's a fast paced story but that's totally okay! Currently at 42 chapters and ML has yet to appear. I can't wait for MC to see him again. Hoping to read more chapter reveal of MC's past life. Keep up the good work, author!


DeaR author , I love yoUr book ! The female lead is bad ass , super strong, realisTic smart and the stOry is reallY differeNt aNd intriguing. I don’t nOrmally read apoCalyspe sTory bUt this got me hooked !! I can’t wait to see how tHe story progresses . Keep Up the good work !!!!


This is novel is the best I love it I probably say this in a lot of my reviews but I mean it I just love all the characters. the story is fact paced but I don't mind. love the FL and her group can't wait for her to meet the ml and show everybody how badass she really is! Keep up the good work I am rooting for you! Ps: I will dedicate my power stones to you! :p


Dear author, I really love ur book!!! Either this one or the 2 other!!! Because I really sure that I've stumbled upon a gem!!! I hope you can update so soon~ I'm waiting for you [img=update]


I haven’t finished reading the story but I’m already hooked. The story is actually promising. I’m not usually fond of stories that has abusive characters. I know it’s part of the story but I’m considering this one. Kudos to the writer


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