13 Chapter 13

"I don't know, Vic, I'm just so excited, you know?" I gushed to him as we walked towards my dorm. We were talking about the event party-thing that Justin invited me to. I was even more excited because I found out that Vic was invited as well, and I was really interested in giving them a chance, because they were going so out of their way to be nice. It was a bonus that Vic was going to be there, too, because it meant I had a bit of a safety net if things got awkward.

"Yeah, I mean it's just a dumb party," he shrugged, less interested in it than I was. "I'd much rather just hang out with you."

"I know," I sighed, giving him a loving smile as we entered the building. He was letting me hold his hand again, even as we got to the elevator. "I mean, like, what should I wear though?"

"Ooh, wear that blue shirt, you look great in that," he suggested, excitedly. I turned to him and gasped, because, hello! That was a great idea!

"Yes that's a great idea! Do you mean the one with the- wait a minute," I said, realizing that he was only joking. Vic just laughed and laughed. One of these days I would catch on and not fall for it. Some day.

"That never gets old, I swear," he chuckled. I just sighed and continued on up with him to my room. We were coming back from a sort-of date night that just consisted of getting coffee at a place that, of course, Vic recommended.

"Yeah, yeah," I sighed. I unlocked the door and went in with him. I noticed that the more he came over, the less he seemed to feel around for things. I would have to remember to not make any random furniture changes. That would probably come across as cruel.

"So Justin's out again tonight?" Vic asked as I sat on my bed and took off my shoes.

"Yeah, he's got some meeting to go to, but he said he'd be home by like, eleven, or so," I shrugged, standing up again as my eyes fell to my pajama pants that I had left on the floor earlier. I glanced towards Vic momentarily before deciding that it would be totally fine if I just changed my pants in front of him. I mean, he wouldn't really know, right? Was that weird? Pajama pants would be a hell of a lot more comfortable than the tight jeans I was wearing.

He sat down on the bed and I quickly shimmied out of my jeans before bending over to pick up the pajama pants that would be much more comfortable-

"You can leave them off if you want," he said, catching me off guard. I froze and stared at him, dropping the pants like I just got caught red-handed. He chuckled awkwardly and turned towards me.

"Wait, what?" I asked, confused.

"I have, like super sonic hearing, remember?" he smirked, and I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. Oh gosh. I couldn't imagine how weird it must sound to him, to hear me getting undressed with no explanation. I guess I wasn't very slick after all.

"So um . . . you want me to just be in my underwear?" I asked, feeling a little bashful all of a sudden.

"I mean, that'd be nice," he shrugged. He seemed like he was being really cautious of his words. "Remember what we were talking about the other day?"

The temperature just went up and up and I didn't know what to say. I was bad at flirting let alone seducing! Suddenly the room felt like it was a million degrees.

"Oh god, um, yeah, the sex thing right?" I asked, my voice a little shaky. Jeez, I really was a loser sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes.

"Yes, the sex thing ," Vic laughed.

"Oh," I said, nervously going over to the bed. "I don't know what to do."

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"Well, what do you want to do?" he asked, turning towards me. I stared at him for a few moments, letting my eyes trail over him. He was so perfect, and so handsome, and I knew he loved me. That was plenty a reason for me to calm down.

It was okay. Vic was a nice person, and I trusted him. I loved him. I felt a smile creeping across my lips as I reminded myself that I wanted this just as much as he did, and even if it was weird at first, it was all going to be okay.

Without speaking another word, I leaned forward and connected our lips, moving them against his soft and slow. He responded by matching my pace, keeping the kiss sweet. I moved forward, gently leaning him back so that we were both lying down on the bed.

I pressed my body against his, inhaling deeply as I took in the sensation. He was just as warm and comfortable as he always was. But knowing what we were trying to do, just heightened the experience a bit.

"I love you," I told him, quietly, as he slipped one of his hands under my shirt. I shivered at the contact, then went back to kissing him for a little longer before I took my shirt all the way off. Vic smiled and ran his hands along my chest and over my abdomen. I knew he couldn't see me, but he seemed to like what he was feeling up, so that gave me a bit of a confidence boost.

"I love you too," he added, even though it was a while after I said it.

I dipped back down and kissed his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. From there on, things only got hotter and hotter.


"Are you sleeping over?" I asked Vic, in a tired voice. I aimlessly played with a strand of his hair, really just doing anything to stay physically connected with him. I didn't want to let him go, ever.

"I can if you want me to," he offered. I snuggled against him more and nodded into his shoulder. Yes, that would be lovely, wouldn't it?

"Yes. Please stay," I said. He rolled slightly so that he was on his back and I was resting comfortably against his chest, my skin against his. I slipped my arms around his waist. Everything felt so amazing. I mean, yeah, I was pretty sore in a certain area but besides that.

I never thought that I'd be into someone enough to do that with them. Actually, I didn't think I'd find anyone that wanted to do it with me. Yet, here I was, basking in the afterglow and loving it.

"Door," Vic said, pulling me from my thoughts. I gasped and pulled the covers further over us as, sure enough, the door swung open and Justin entered. That made me a little more self-conscious. He didn't seem to be in a bad mood or hung-over this time, so that was good. I hoped he didn't mind Vic being here.

"Whoa, hey, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" He teased. I blushed and shook my head quickly. How awkward.

"We're finished," I said, then realized after the fact that it was probably an awkward thing to say. I wanted to pull the covers all the way over my head and disappear. Justin just laughed though, shaking his head like he thought it was funny. My cheeks burned.

"Whatever," he chuckled. "I'm going to bed. Just don't keep me up with your shenanigans."

"Um, okay," I mumbled, before lying back down with Vic. Vic just gave me a playful grin and snuck in another kiss before we settled back down.


"Okay, okay," I said, quickly, bounding back towards my closet and trying not to trip over anything I left

on the floor. "So what if I just wear the striped sweater and the red pants?"

"Red pants, Kellin? Seriously?" Justin groaned. I gave him a pout and he just shook his head. "Whatever.

It matches better than the other choices."

"Ooh and what if I took a flannel, and the plaid against the stripes- I'd look like a collage!" I laughed, pulling out one of my plaid flannel shirts. How fun would that be?

"No, Kellin, please don't," Justin sighed. "What you have on now is fine, ok? Plus, we've got to head out soon."

"Alright," I sighed, settling with the striped shirt and red pants. It was still a pretty bold look. I set aside the clothes I was going to wear so that I could finish getting dressed.

I was totally ready for this to be an amazing night. I had my best friend with me, my boyfriend was going to be there, and I'd get to meet some new people too! I was confident for once that I was going to play it cool and not embarrass myself in front of Justin's friends. This time they would like me, and this time, maybe Vic and I could be friends with them as well.

What could possibly go wrong?

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