Color Them Yellow (A girl who is allergic to Water) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Color Them Yellow (A girl who is allergic to Water)


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She had been drowning constantly even though she can't even touch the water. Sia had been fighting all her life, trying not to be tossed away by the harsh tide. She was born allergic to water. She can't even touch a drop of it nor shed a bit of tears. She enclosed herself in a bubble that only herself can enter. Caleb-- He found peace whenever he is in the water. He can almost literally live in it. However, an accident changed everything. As a gold medalist, world star swimmer, how can he get away from hi most beloved sports now that he can't even get near the pool anymore? What is the future waiting these two individuals; one who long to enjoy water for even a little while the other dreaded water which he once loved the most. Can they make a clearer path in their lives or will they both drown together in the flood that had been brought by their awful past life events?