Coldwell Streets #1: Clock Strikes At Midnight Book

novel - Teen

Coldwell Streets #1: Clock Strikes At Midnight


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COLDWELL STREETS #1 Natasha Equinox Coldwell, the daughter of the Mayor of Coldwell Streets. She only wanted one thing in life— freedom from her family of politicians as she took a different path and found herself as a pre-med student, Bachelor of Science in Biology in Coldwell U, a prestigious university. She decided to buy a unit in a condominium, away from her family’s pressures. River Laurent Sanchez, a guy of many rumors. After a huge fight with his family, he ran away and decided to never return. When their paths crossed at a midnight accident, River suddenly rushes to a condominium covered with wounds and was desperate for help, and Nyx, together with her doctor instincts, takes care of him. Nyx was usually a kindhearted person not until a tragic and painful event occured when she was in Highschool. From her surname, Coldwell, her heart is well, cold as ice. Then she encounters new people in her life, will her heart start to melt?