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Cold Palace


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What is Cold Palace

Cold Palace is a popular web novel written by the author CosmosGalaxZ, covering MATURE, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 372K readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 32 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 74 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Seventh Immortal has been buried in Cold Palace for 900 years. Just as he was about to wake up from his sleep a young, charming village girl came into the Cold Palace and disrupts his sleep. [Copyright Authorized] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artworks are done by a special friend of mine. Twitter: @CosmosGalaxZ Instagram: @CosmosGalaxZ


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Intriguing ....like the storyline..looking forward to the chapters..liking the development so far ...the female lead is so cute...cant wait for the male lead to make an appearance


Wow...this novel got me hooked! Easy to read and understand. The author has her own pace and style which makes the story quite unique. Very intriguing. Makes me look forward to every chapter!


Hello everyone, your author here. Feels like I needed to share this. So, here it goes... This is a story which was conceived in a dream and had stuck with me ever since. I was taken away by the scene I saw in my head and thus needed to share with the world. It is about AN UNEXPECTED WORLD, OF THE FANTASTIC PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN IT, OF THE ADVENTURE THAT ONE COULD ONLY WISH TO FEEL...IT IS ABOUT THAT DREAMY, SILENT YET RESILIENT LOVE; BUT IT IS ALSO ABOUT LOSS, OF HURT THAT WAS GIVEN, OF PAIN THAT WAS FELT, OF SACRIFICES AND FRIENDSHIPS, OF FAMILY VALUES AND BOND. This story is slow-paced. It burns slow but it alights. And it shall get you there. Like all things good it moves but it won't rush. It will take you there with grace and charm so that even after you have left the last page and closed the book, the story will stay and linger like an experience, as was promised to you. ❤❤ CosmosGalaxZ


Hey, Another fan here..i love your style of writing...Your way is too unique and extraordinary....Keep being unique and keep going....i love how you are protraying characters..Makes me to imagine the characters and plots.....overall I love the character of Xulan, Yutao and Xialin..Because of your unique style of writing I am loving it, just don't change it. I am giving you five stars and a power stone for it...


Nice story. I love how the storyline was written. The names and how the you write the characters development in story was awesome. All in all, I give 5 ratings to this story. Keep it up!❤


Wow....!! This novel is my new obsession. It leaves you mind-blowing. The storyline is carefully and nicely written with good unpredictable scenarios. The Author is wise with her words. It's witty, sharp, has got a lot of twist and turns, adventure, humour and above all of that romance with full of spices. As I go along with the journey I crave for more of it. Wishing you the best dear author. Keep soaring high. Loving it!!!








Written with a calculated vision... Its pace and cliffhangers leaves you beckoning for more chapters. An enthralling ride in what seems to be the mind of a most promising author.


The storyline is so Good. It becomes more and more interesting. This is the kind of story I want to read. Keep it up Author. You are creative and talented. You've done well so far. A big like from my side👍


The plot is really interesting and something like the Cold Palace gives a lot of spice in the story. This story could be huge in the future, as long as the plot and character stay the same and don't stray to sub-plots or weird personality change.


Great opening at the start! The words are easy to understand, and storyline is good. Although, a tiny teensy little bit of grammar mistakes but I think the author can fix that so it's no problem for me. Keep up the good work dear author! And keep on writing! 😊


Wow.....🤯🤯🤯......just started reading this and .......am already hooked ......Good job Author.....👍👍👍👍👍 The plot was actually very great...!


the story plot was fantastic, the character design was done very promptly, it has some errors but didn't bothered much as the story developing was quite good


Wow, fantasy romance is not my cup of tea but this is the first time I have got hooked to a romance novel. I just love the bubbly nature of Xialin. Hoping for more chapters to come


This is my initial review to show my support for the author until the story is completed. Keep up the great work, and may you see the rightful end! I'm hoping you could also help me with my beloved work, WAR GROUNDS (all caps please. The original version got bugged) by dropping an initial review. Cheers!


In all honesty, the grammar errors and typos were bugging me as I was reading this story so I hope author-san will be able to revise it since there is really great potential here when it comes to character designs and plot.


Hey guys Author here, I will not be uploading the chapter 8 of the Cold Palace in the coming few days as I will be doing some serious revision on the initial chapters so that you will be able to enjoy a good read 💜💜Thank you for all your love and support. Keep supporting and yes I'll shamelessly give myself 5 stars as this is the book which I have been working so hard for.


Wow, this is lit!!! didn't expect the author to be this good............ ...good plot......amazing character......thrilling adventure......eagerly waiting for the appearance of the main lead 💜💜💜


It has an interesting plot in it. The story flows very well. But I advised you to review it first before posting it as a chapter. Grammar mistakes and capitalization problems are spotted but can easily be resolved. Continue improving and I hope you'll present better work.


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