1 Meet The Heartthrob

The cold radiancy of his doe-shaped globular organ where projecting across the ocean-blue sky. A dejected mixture of invisible gaseous substances that pouring underneath his long-sleeve fabric, penetrating over his warm skin, giving it's body system a glitter of shiverㅡdown to his spine.

Every seconds that passes is like a high-speed transportation on the road of a highway. Unfortunately, time that has been taken cannot be revisited, neither can turn it back anymoreㅡunlike those vehicles. Now, If today is said to be your last day, would you still want to repeat the same mistake of yesterday?







All of them, he have those. Unfortunately, his behavior seems to be an opposed to those finest qualities of a heartthrob.

Choi, Dae-Jungㅡfamous and face of the Campus of the University. He have no any friends, but many are interested to be.

Twenty-seven day of April. He enter inside the Campus, wearing a clean long blue sweater, high quality jeans that hugging around his long legs, his perfect posture that carrying his well-built body with his sharp edge of jawline, doe-eyes, thin and pinkish lips, with a nice bridge of nose, exposed forehead, whilst visible veins that running from his hands up to arms. As a result of everyone breaking down their own focus, as his figure crosses to their eyes.

His gaze is completely straight fixed only on his way, nothing else. Meanwhile, as he reach the corridor, a nerdy girl went closer behind him and said, "DJ, I just wanted to ask, if you're interested to work with us for 'Action Research'?"

He circulate his projection toward the right side to take a glance of the woman behind him. A cold gaze of his eyes, pour her out.

"I'm not interested, I can do it by myself."

He was about to step forward, when the woman spoke one again that made him rolled his eyes.

"To be honest, our group need someone like you."

"Can't you understand that, I am not interested? I don't need anyone's presence. I can do anything else by myself."


"Leave me alone," he said, as he raised his right clost first above his shoulder height, without looking behind.

Few minutes after, he then reach his classroom. As he take his seat, everyone was grounded into fear and lost, no one will attempt to seat beside him, or else, anyone will feel left out.

He doesn't talk to anyone, he never approach even his teacher unless it's a recitation.

As if the recitation or discussion already arrive, he could be his own professorㅡindeed.

"When was the Qing Dynasty started?" the professor asked.

He immediately raised his hand whilst everyone was just about to turn their history book.

"Yes, DJ."

"Qing Dynasty was established year 1636 and ruled China from 1644 till 1912. The state of it's government is said to be, absolutely monarchy.

"While it's economy status revolved around farming or villages and towns, rather than major urban centers."

The professor just nodded and gulp after few seconds, as in fact that he needed to check his book first, in order to recall the said answer.

"You know what? You could be a professor someday."

"I'll bet to be a tutor than a teacher." He turn up his gaze and take a glance around the people seating. "Atleast, no one control and ask me what to do. Away from people."

The professor let out a of bit laughter and asked, "Do you hate accompaniment? Like your classmates?"

"What's used? I would rather be alone than having classmates."

"W-What was the reason then?"

"I can manage myself."

That particular line of him, 'I can manage myself'. Leading him into a place of consciousness that it's just about fame of himself, that happiness could be seen by his achievements, intelligence and nothing could definitely become a replacement of all.

Time passed and he reach back home, everyone was there, but no one made any pitch of noise from their mouth.

He just make his way upstairs, withdrawing the expectation of questions of he wanted to touch in his ears, that said to be failed when nothing is to be ask.

The lonesome ambiance welcome his eyes, as he twist the knob and push the door. "They will just speak when they need youㅡalways," he mumbled, as he step his right foot inside and come follow by the other one.

An apathetic expression was written on his eyes, body of a good looking one, but dry out deep inside. His mind that said to be full of information, without seeing his heart that waiting to be found. His cold monochromatic scars that covering his shadow to be seen like a golden mold of lily.

He push back the door to close it, as he throw his bag on the corner of his four-sided room. He slowly step closer on the bed mattress and mumbled, "I'm just my own comfort home."

Twenty-eighth day of April, he was just on the rest area of the Campus and a woman sat beside him, few inches of distance from him.

"Alone, again?" She placed the book on her lap, as she take a look at him.

"If you will just approach me for project, please leave me alone."

"I'm not. I just wanted to talk, if I will not disturb your self-study session."

He turn his projection towards his right side and a simple woman crosses at his eyes.

"Is this an interview or what?"

She chuckled and straightened his legs, whilst shoes' heel against the grassy ground.

"No, I'm an old student here and you're my type actually-"

"If you will court me, you better leave."

"No but I know how it feels like, acting strong by yourself, but deep inside you just wanted to be found."

Her sentence made him stop demanding any words, as a feeling of warmth touches his bones.

"You hate approaching anyone, because you're used just being use when they needed you, right?" she asked. As she get back her gaze towards him.

In fact that, her eyes was shouting an admiration towards him. However, she approached him morethan it, more than he can feel.

"Do you have the same situation as mine?" Raising his right brow, whilst there's a small grin engraving on his lips.

"No, I can just feel that you do have that pain. Like, most of the people who act strong are the ones who wanted to be seen."

He lower his gaze on his book and closed it. "Would you mind to share you name, then?"

"Liu, Ei-Ran. You can call me, Alex."

"Why it seems different from your real name?"

"Actually, I just saw it on twitter." As she let out a little bit laughter at the end.

Unexpectedly, a smiled formed on his lips, as her eloquent laughter come to passed across his ears.

"When do you think, right become wrong?" she asked.

"Can it be?"

She nodded and make a movement on her left side to face Dae-Jung, as he turn left his gaze towards herㅡquestionably.

"Right for ourselves, but the effect or damage to other people is said to be wrong."

"Are you talking about me?"

"No any other else. I'm looking at you, right?"

"What do you mean, then?"

"When you go home, you will know what I mean." She then lift her weight up to the bench, carrying her own stuffs.

"I'll see you then, DJ!"

His eyes were confused looking at her figure that started to get disappear from distance, as it's getting far and made him wondered, She's weird one. What does she mean?

Despite the fact that the words she uttered was quite off striking his soul out of his shell, he still choose the unclear light of yesterday.

Until he went home and the same picture of sensation spring out on him. He was seating on his mattress, as the sentences that Alex mentioned to him come to retain in his memory.

"When you go home? It's all the same? Maybe, she's just joking?"

'The Ceiling welcomes,

Sun, shines across those bruises.

Thorns of unpleasantness.

When a pulchritude of those define meanings,

Wrecked the negative suppress,

Then a sentence comes sense.

Why do you have to ask it again,

If you already know it then?

Wake up!'

A loud noise from the alarm clock disconnects his dreamland of peace all of a sudden. A different ambience of cold wind that tingles his skin, out of nowhere and a smell of different generation in same place of comfort.

As he open his eyes, his protrusion remain dark, nothing but black. He started to move both of his hands around the surface of the mattress, as his heartbeat come to accelerateㅡuncontrollably.

"Where I am? Am I blind? Why I can't see anything?" He lift his half body and nothing shine of radiance come across his sight, as he shouted, "Help me! Where I am? Why I am blind?"

Tears started to job over his lower eyelid, gaze that kept playing around his same room, same name but in different game.

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