1 Chapter 1

A young girl with a long girl in a school uniform couldn't stop running until a girl voice was heard "ruby wait" she called her.tania williams is a good friend of ruby lewis ."hey why are you running" asks tania , ruby was holding her shoulder to catch a breath ," I can't miss being in that class" tania seem to get what she is saying "oh you want to see your crush right ?

Ruby playfully slap her back and says " no I love our biology class that's why I was running you idiot".tania burst into a laughter and says "okay I believe you" ruby rolled her eyes .they both laugh , ruby says "o my God _let go bitch ". They run into the classroom quickly .

Good morning class

" good morning , sir" we shouted back from our desks _our biology teacher , mr niel stood in front of the class with his leg wide apart, his thumbs tucked in the tight waist band of his baggy trouser that makes him look funny for some point.anyways the boy sitting in front of me , who had been sleeping, nodded his head into the concrete wall beside him .he jerked awake and rubbed his head without a sound while the rest of us waited for instructions .that boy loves falling asleep at school.tania and I thought that perhaps a tsetse fly had bitten him, giving him the sleeping sickness .

Mr Niel walks over to the teacher desk , he cleared his throat "open your textbooks to chapter eleven". Today we are going to talk about meiosis and reproduction .he picked up the marker and wrote the topic on the board .

Twice I looked up to find my friend Quan, who sat on the other side of the class, sneaking glances at him.Quan's mother owned a super market at the end of our street.

I an my sister hazel always love buying goods from them because of quan .I kept my turned away from the slanted brown eyes shining from quan oblong face.