1 Meet

Liam pov.

I used to love going to my favorite coffee shop around the corner not far from my office, but I stopped going there after getting promoted. Juliette left and my father died suddenly and everything was pushed on me. It's like I didn't have to do anything for myself anymore! There is always someone to go get something for me and at all times.

Or maybe I'm avoiding that coffee to be specific because it's where Juliette, breaks off our engagement. I found that I don't even want to walk past there anymore, I was starting to really hate that coffee shop itself, I often wondered why was it still there? Until today! Emily threw a tantrum and quit. Of all days. But luckily for me Craig said, he knew someone who needed a job, I told him she could start next week.

Maia pov.

Happy at the altar three years anniversary Maia and Kaleb, that's something I really wanted to hear even right now. I wish for it to be true. I have no idea how many times I've prayed for it. Ah, you sick piece of shît. How can some Julie or Julia, someone just met make you leave your future wife at the altar? I said out loud!

"It's Juliet. Juliet." He said and I turned around.

Do you think I care what her name is, she's a homewrecker! I said to him.

"Is she? Think about it. If Kaleb really loved you, would some woman he claims he met a week before your wedding. Makes him break up with you and leaves you at the altar?" He asked saying.

What do you mean? I don't understand. Why you would say something like that? I asked looking at him, from where i stand at the kitchen sink.

"He met that girl long before that week trust me, I mean look at you, and don't get the wrong idea. I am still gay and I love fine ass men thank you. But what I'm saying is you said, you were over him but clearly you're not! Forgive him and move on but never forget what and with whom he hurt you." He said to me and he was maybe I'm not over him, maybe.

Forget about them, what about that job you got me? I said and asked him, as I walked over to the table.

"Why are you rushing? You spend one and a half year each in China and Korea. Baby, relax yourself and stop turning down straight fine ass men because, I can't have them and it hurts to see them go." He said to me making hurting facial expression.

Hahaha. I laughed.

"Wow, beautiful, I haven't seen you smile or laugh like this, since. I like it but sadly I'm going honey, I have a really hella hot men to attend to." He said to me and I smile as he leaves, my only friend right through thick and thin, our friendship bond is really amazing but he's not the only friend anymore. Suddenly was in the mood for nothing except for some good coffee.

Liam pov.

I regret telling his gay ass to make her come in next week, now I have to go to that coffee shop when i don't want to. Abruptly i'm not liking the idea but it's my moment of break plus it's a good walk right! My mind was having the best of me, since talking out loud would make me seems crazy. After ten plus minutes of walking! I was at the coffee shop though as I was about to enter, I was cut off by a female.

Height around 1.66cm no more than 24years old, around 20inches long dark brown hair, sweet brown eyes her perfume hit my nose, like it was something I'm longing for, her cent draws me in, I wanted to keep smiling it, this Coco Mademoiselles fragrance.

I was about to speak when I saw her holding the door for me to get in. I thought it was weird but then a lady from behind me said.

"Thank you." She didn't cut me off internationally. I smirked as I stepped inside.

Thank you. I said to her and she nodded then walked to the corner where I was heading... I went over and sat down in front of her.

You took my seat, young lady. I said to her.

"당신의 자리가 아니기 때문입니다." She mumbled her words but I didn't understand it!

What language is that? I ask looking at her.

"Korean." She replied to me as our coffee arrived. I was last in her eyes. I forgot all about my surroundings. She had her coffee and left. I didn't get a chance to ask her name. I left my coffee, it was as if I no longer had the tease for coffee unless she was sitting across from me.

I got up and left thinking about the stranger I had just met, I was eager to see her again. I couldn't wait. It's funny how a single cent, glimpse, smile, and eye contact can make someone feel like they are in love like never before.