1 Explanation of fanfic

Ok this is my first fanfic so I hope you guys will bear with me. This fanfic is the first code lyoko and my hero academia cross over fic ( according to my knowledge at least) anyway in this story Izuku is quirkless but will meet the Lyoko warriors and inherit their powers and be able to use it in the real world like they do in the virtual world.  He will also have their weapons when he fully transforms into one of them, he can also materialise their weapons without transforming.  As for the drawback he'll be fatigued if he uses their  powers when transformed(only one form) and reverts back he becomes tired but not as much as when he uses the powers without transformation. Also the time limit for each transformation is 3 minutes and when he swaps to another form the other form recharges to the original time limit. Even though it may seem op, but he also suffers from severe exhaustion when he reverts or changes transformation alot so it's at least two transformation or he'll lose unconsciousness.

So for those who don't understand,

1.Use of powers without transforming or for long period of time= 50% fatigue

2.Swapping to different forms(and using powers)= 90% fatigue.

3.Using powers when transformed(for one form only) =40% fatigue

4.Materialising weapons without transformation=10% fatigue.

But he'll grow stronger and the fatigue level will reduce when training for UA exams so will the time limit.

Oh and when he transforms he looks like himself only his clothes will change.

So that's it for now I'll hopefully update the first chapter today and if am not busy then the second too. Anyway hope you like it also please comment and feel free to tell me any grammatical errors i might have made.

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