33 Getting out

The nurse walked in and said that it was time to leave. Brooks kissed Tory's hands and smiled as he said "I'll see you tomorrow." Tory smiled happily and nodded, Brooks opened his mouth before closing it and simply smiling before turning around and leaving.

The group of people looked at him and Brooks lost his smile as he looked at the nurse and said "Where's Doctor Klein." the nurse said "Probably in her offi-" Brooks cut her off coldly "Tell her she's awake and to call me with the results." the nurse nodded and left.

Brooks walked away, past all the Cobra Kai students. Lily said "Where are you going?" Brooks gave her a look and said "That's none of your business, is it?" Lily was silent and frowned, Brooks snorted and left.

Hawk frowned and said "I'm worried about him." Lily replied "Only he can change himself." Miguel looked at Tory through the window and said "That's not entirely true.." the rest looked at Tory in thought and Lily said "Tomorrow we'll come back." they all nodded and left the hospital.

Brooks drove out from the hospital parking lot and stopped at a bar. He got out of the car and walked inside, sitting at the counter as he ordered a drink. Brooks looked at the Tv to see a news report of Tory's accident and the committee meeting at the school, he got his drink and drank as he watched before the channel changed.

Brooks looked over to see a fat bald guy walking away with the remote, surprisingly Johnny was there too. He looked like shit. His beard wasn't shaved and his hair was a mess, it was obvious he was hammered.

Johnny looked at the guy and said "Hey! Change it back, I was watching that." the bald guy said "This is a bar, nobody wants to watch the news or hear about some coma chick." Brooks got off the bar stool and walked to the table where the guy was sitting as he said "I dare you to say that again."

The bald guy said "Who the fuck are you?" Johnny looked over and said groggily "Brooks?" Brooks glared at the bald guy and said "Change it back. Now." the bald guy sneered and said "I just said nobody wants to hear about some coma ch-" Brooks grabbed a beer bottle on the table and smashed it over the guy's head before grabbing the back of his head and smashing it through the table.

The table snapped and the bald guy followed through, going face first into the floor. His friend punched at Brooks, only to be clocked in the face by Johnny. Brooks stepped on the bald guy's back and grabbed his arm as he said "Listen you fat fuck. I don't like saying things twice. Here's what I think of your 'game'."

Brooks stomped on the guy's elbow joint and snapped it in the wrong direction, earning a howling cry of pain form the bald guy. Brooks stepped on his head and said "Noisy." before stomping on his jaw and shattering it. The bald guy started crying and Brooks said "See what happens when you run your mouth?"

Brooks stomped on his broken arm and broke all the bones in his hand and arm. Brooks looked up at the bartender and said "Tell your boss it was the 'Reaper'." the bartender nodded hurriedly and ran to the back room.

Brooks changed the channel back to the news and broke the remote in two before throwing it in the bald guy's face saying "Go ahead and change it now, fucking spic." He spit in the bald guy's face and walked away.

Johnny beat the shit out of the second guy and saw Brooks leaving, he kicked the guy in the mouth before going after him.

Brooks opened his car door and saw Johnny walking over saying "Where have you been, man?!" Brooks said "Get in the car, I'll bring you home." Johnny sat in the car and Brooks started driving away.

Johnny said "Well?" Brooks sighed and said "Not good places, man. I've been watching over Tory and her mom in the hospital every day. What about you? What happened to Cobra Kai?" Johnny snorted and said "What Cobra Kai? It's Kreese's now. I have nothing to do with it."

Brooks looked at Johnny and sighed before saying softly "You alright, dad?" Johnny sighed "No. One of my students got put in a coma because of my rivalry with Larusso and the one who put her there was my son." he looked over and said "Do you think I'm alright?"

Brooks was silent before focusing back on the road, gripping the steering wheel tightly as he said "She woke up." Johnny was surprised and said "Really?" Brooks nodded and Johnny replied "That's great!" Brooks kept silent and Johnny looked out the window saying "What have you been up to?"

Brooks said "Working." Johnny nodded and said "Hell of a job to make half a million in 2 weeks." before turning his head to Brooks, who tightened his grip on the wheel and stayed silent. Johnny continued "Listen, I don't care what you've been doing. All I want is you to be safe. You made the money for the treatment, now it's time to walk away."

Brooks grit his teeth and said "It's not that simple." Johnny sighed and said "Brooks. There's always a way out, no matter how hard it is. She's fine, now you have to worry about yourself." Brooks parked at the apartment complex and Johnny patted his shoulder before getting out saying "Wanna come inside?"

Brooks shook his head and said resolutely "I need to get out." Johnny smiled and closed the door before walking away. Brooks watching him go and stayed for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and driving away with a hard look on his face.

A while later

Brooks turned off the car and stared ahead of him. He slowly got out of the car and walked to the doors, he reached his hand out and paused for a second before pushing the door open and entering.

He walked into the place and took off his shoes before stepping on the mat. The back room door opened and Kreese walked out saying "So you thought about it?" Brooks was silent for a moment before saying "I want out. For life." Kreese pursed his lips and said "I can do it but you have to come back, Johnny's not here anymore. Can you do that?"

Brooks nodded and said "Yes. Please help me... Sensei." Kreese's smile widened and he said "No problem, kid."

A few days later

Brooks bought a house near the school. He stocked the house fresh food, paid off all the bills, bought furniture, bought clothes for himself and Tory. Basically he used all the money he made from the 'Jobs' he did, after he used it all he withdrew the last couple of thousands before registering with a normal bank and putting all his money in a new account.

He cut the 'Black' bank card and threw it in a garbage can, he threw all his work clothes in the garbage before lighting it all on fire.

Brooks dumped the ashes in the garbage and stuffed his gun in the attic inside a locked chest. He went back down and looked at the house with a happy expression. Kreese followed through and got the boss to let him go, what's more, all of his accounts, files, and records were burned, as if he never worked for them in the first place.

The house Brooks bought was a small family home with a nice backyard, nothing fancy but it was nice nonetheless. He was satisfied. He got in his car and drove to the hospital.

A while later

Brooks was sitting in Tory's room and taking care of the plants while talking to her "So I got out. I forgot to tell you." Tory brightened up and said excitedly "You did?!" Brooks smiled warmly and nodded as he sprayed the plants with water.

Tory said "Tell me what happened!" Brooks sat down and held her hand as he explained with a smile "Sensei Kreese knew the boss and he helped me out. I got out and I have nothing to do with them anymore. I used all the money and burned the bank card before opening a normal one."

Tory tilted her head and said "What did you use it all on?" Brooks squeezed her hand and said "A house." Tory gasped and covered her mouth as she said emotionally "Killer..." Brooks smiled softly and rubbed her hand with his own as he added "There's only one thing missing." Tory teared up and said "Is it me?"

Brooks nodded and Tory wiped her eyes as she laughed "So cheesy..." Brooks rubbed his nose and coughed saying "Well, you know..." Tory rolled her eyes and said "So, what do you have to do?" Brooks said "I just need to join Cobra Kai again." Tory smiled and said "Sensei Kreese is that nice?"

Brooks shrugged and said "I don't know, but that's all he told me. Maybe he has his own motive, I don't really care. I got out, you're awake, you have the money for the surgery, and all the bills are paid." Tory smiled sweetly and joked "You're like a new man."

Brooks rolled his eyes and said "Wait until you recover before joking like this." Tory giggled and leaned over, Brooks kissed her and said "First time kissing a cripple." Tory laughed and said "Oh? How was it?" Brooks smirked and said "Not too bad, I had to make most of the effort though."

Tory laughed and shook her head. There was a knock on the door and they both looked over to see Miguel and Lily. Brooks said "What are you doing here?" Miguel said "Looking for you and Tory." Lily said "Mostly Tory, nobody cares about you really."

Tory laughed and Brooks turned back as he said "Hey Miguel, what's up." Lily clenched her fists and started talking to Tory, ignoring Brooks. Miguel pointed outside and Brooks nodded before walking out of the room.

Miguel said "You're good now?" Brooks said "What do you mean?" Miguel rolled his eyes and said "You've been different since Tory went to the hospital. Everybody noticed. You don't answer calls, you ignored everyone. We're all worried about you, just like we're worried about Tory."

Brooks looked at Miguel, who hesitated before saying "Man. We're best friends and I haven't seen you in weeks, much less talk. I'm worried about you." Brooks sighed and patted Miguel's shoulder before smiling slightly as he said "Thanks Migs." Miguel smiled and Brooks continued "I wasn't in the best place before, but I'm okay now. Might even start going back to school, we'll see."

Miguel brightened up and shouted "That's great!" everybody in the hallway and Tory and Lily looked over. Miguel coughed and said "Sorry!" before turning back to Brooks, who was chuckling, and saying "That's awesome, do you know when?"

Brooks shook his head and said "I need to talk to the principal first-" Miguel patted his chest and said "Leave it to me!" Brooks smiled and said "Thanks Migs. By the way, you and Lily..?" Miguel sighed "She's still pissed but we're slowly getting better. She HATES Sam though."

Brooks chuckled and said "Yeah, same... What happened with Cobra Kai?" Miguel said "A bunch of us left when Kreese took over, Lily and Hawk stayed. Aisha got sent to another school in a different state. What are you gonna do?"

Brooks replied "I'm gonna go back to Cora Kai. I made a promise." Miguel was about to ask when they heard Tory's voice saying "Killer.." Brooks said "Let's go back in." Miguel smiled and said "Yeah."

Brooks walked back inside and Tory smiled saying "Lily told me they found Robby." Brooks clenched his fists and said coldly "Where is he." Tory sighed and said to Lily "I told you." Lily snorted softly and said "He's your brother." Brooks snorted "He's going to be a corpse soon."

Tory glared at him and Brooks sighed as he said "Where is he." Tory looked at Lily, who turned her head and Miguel said "Juvie." Brooks let out a breath and said "Lucky him." before tending to the flowers in the room, trying to calm himself down.

Tory sighed and said to Lily and Miguel "How are you guys doing?" Lily looked at Miguel and said "Cheato over here is working hard." Miguel scratched his neck and said "I made a mistake, I was drunk too.." Lily snorted and said "That's why I didn't leave. Next time I'll just cut it right off."

Miguel felt a cold breeze between his legs and smiled wryly. Tory giggled and said "Nice to see you guys." Lily smiled and said "We'll be around. After all, it's the only place to find this asshole." as she pointed her thumb at Brooks, who didn't even look at her but shot back "Shouldn't you be stabilizing shelves somewhere?"

Lily covered her chest and said "I hate you!" before running away, Miguel said "Bye guys." before chasing after her. Brooks chuckled and Tory laughed before saying "Killer.. Are you okay?"

Brooks was silent for a moment before saying "I'm extremely angry." Tory said "It was an accident and he's your brother. He' already in Juvie, isn't that punishment enough? Blood is thicker than water."

Brooks said "If it was me he kicked it would be different, but it was you. I don't think I can forgive him." Tory said "Come here." Brooks walked over and Tory kissed him saying "You're going to have to eventually." Brooks sighed and said "But you-" Tory cut him off and said "This was an accident." Brooks retorted "And if it was me in the bed?"

Tory was silent and Brooks sat down sighing "That's what I thought." Tory held his hand and said "But it wasn't you. It was me. Just try.. For me?" Brooks looked at Tory for a few seconds before nodding with a smile.

Tory smiled and joked "Good, I'll extend your leash a bit." Brooks laughed and gave her a pitiful look as he said "Can't you just let me loose?" Tory burst out laughing and Brooks smiled warmly.

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