1 chapter 1

"Yejin, please pay attention in my class." The teacher continues to rebuke Yejin when she does not concentrate in the classroom.

There she was, sitting at the back alone and look out through the window instead. Not interested in the subject.

She gave the teacher a quick glance before turn her head to the window back.

The teacher sigh.

"Meet me after this Yejin."


"I expecting a good behaviour from you for this year but it seem like you didn't change at all."

The teacher started to confess her feeling.

Yejin just stare at her shoes. Not giving an interest nor attention to the teacher.

Once again the teacher sigh.

"You can go to your class back. And I hope you can take my words seriously."

Yejin just nod her head slightly before make a way to her classroom.


The bell rang signaling the school is over. Yejin fling her bag over her shoulder and make her heel out from the school.

As soon as she arrived at her house she sighed. She push the door knob and a strong alcohol smell greet her. With cigarette's smoke.

She cursed under her breath.

"Hi my darling, you're home?" Woman in a middle 45 years old greet her while kissing some random man who was about to leave the house.

The man touch Yejin's chin.

"Cute girl."

Yejin pushes the man's hand out from her chin.


"Hands off gigolo."

"Watch your language little girl." Her mom warned.

She rolled her eyes while take her bag that she already prepared at corner of her house.

"Sure slut."

Yejin replied in a whisper toned but loud enough to let her mom heard.


She smirked while leave the house. The house really disgusted her.

Her smirked vanished as soon as she saw her dad with random woman again hands in hands.



Giggling to each other.

She ignored them like she didn't even know them before while making her way to the lift.

I just want to disappear from this world.

Her inner thoughts sincerely said.


Having both parents have an affair is probably difficult for others people. But not for Yejin, she already get used of it,  seeing her own parents bring back strangers to sleep with almost everyday. 

She knew that her parents was being forced to marry each other. She knew that her parents never really love each other and they never love her. She knew that her existence is also being forced.

She never get love by her parents. That's why she gave up on herself for being happy. She can't fake herself to be happy while she's not even happy.

"Hello, Yejin." greeted Kang Sumin, her one and only friend. 

Sumin is the only one willingly to be friend of Yejin. With Yejin cold attitude, she said that she admired Yejin a lot. Yejin really thankful to have Sumin.

"Oh, hi." she replied and rest her head on the table.

"The teacher is coming so fast. I felt lazy already." Sumin groaned.

"Let's skip class then." Yejin said. 

"Oh my god I wanted to but you know that I can't." She said back make Yejin realised that she have a parents that love her and cared about her.

Yejin shrugged her shoulder and continue sleep on the table ignoring the teacher in front. It's become her habit. 

"How I wish I can be like you, Yejin." Sumin said.


Yejin heard it.

She decide to keep silent. Inside she thought,

You will be suffer if you be like me Sumin. You better don't.


"You go back home straight, Yejin?" Sumin asked as soon as the bell rang showing that it's time the school dismissed.

Yejin shrugged her shoulder not knowing what to reply since she really don't want to step in that house that doesn't even look like a house to her.

"Come to my house then." Sumin offered as if she understand the meaning of Yejin acting like that. 

"No, I will just go to my place. The usually place that I go when I'm stress. Bye."

Yejin said and take her first move towards her place without waiting Sumin's responds.

It was a Taekwondo courts.