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Closed 6


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Closed Friendship with the world is not and will not allow for a relationship with God

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it's well writing and i loved the way you build up the character. What a story!! Good luck for your future and hope you'll maintain this great job. <3


I like the story a lot. The system is very unique and the characters are very well written, especially Kelly. There are some rough points here and there, but the overall story is very good. I can't wait for more.


Writing Quality: Good quality. Few noticeable error, but nothing to affect the flow of the story. 4.5/5 Updating Stability: Can't complain much about this. Knowing the intense stress that comes with writing, I commend the author. 5/5 Story Development: The story is about the MC, Kelly Smith, and her chronicles with a unique system in a transmigration setting. Right from the prologue, the game progresses in a great way. 5/5 Character Design: The characters are well thought out. Especially that of Kelly Smith. Well made. 5/5 World Background: The world is well built on urban fantasy and gamelit system elements. The use of urban fantasy and a system world is so fitting. 5/5 Overall: A well written novel, although still at the early stages. 4.8/5


Loving this story! I love this concept and I think it's really enjoyable to read! Keep up the good work! You are doing awesome! I really like Kelly's character too! Very relatable!


The writing in this work has a few typos or missing words but that didn't detract from the story, it kept me reading. I wanted to know more about Kelly, about her situation, about System H. The writing has a way of leaving you feeling intrigued whilst not giving away too much! Well done author, keep improving your work and this will be a hit!


Wow. This story is very refreshing to read for me for a while. I love and enjoy every character's dialogue. The narratives are so engaging that I don't mind the g-errors. Story development. I would look forward to her missions with the system. Overall this story is very interesting. This would definitely stay on my colls Keep it up, author!


The story is very unique! Keep up the excellent work! I’ll be waiting for chapter updates! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


You chose a difficult subject to write about (system) :) but you're doing great! Lovely story! A great idea for a system :D The storyline keeps well the reader’s attention, characters are expressive, dialogues are engaging, descriptions interesting...


Even though systems is not the usual book I would read, I actually loved reading this authors book. I'm the one who would love to read young **** romances, but this author proved that I could read systems too. Very unique and I will actually be reading a systems book for once!!! The author has definitely persuaded me to do so!!! Thank you. I do want to mention I am the author /user from the forum as BellsandLexShow.


The story has a unique concept in it. A rather different approach to the start. I really like the details of it being so good to read. Good luck in the future and May your novel be blessed with many readers! ......from review swap.


Good story so far. Enjoying your unique take on a system. The character interactions are fun, especially with the system. Storyline/plot is good, world build is good. Some of the writing is a little rough, nothing a quick once over won’t fix. Keep up the good work!


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