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Clockwork Revenant


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What is Clockwork Revenant

Read Clockwork Revenant novel written by the author Clowniac on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Iro Emmerick awakes in a trench puddle with almost no memory of who he was before the war, and a nearly-indestructible new body made of clockwork and steel. Driven by a need for answers, he sets out to discover the truth of what happened to him, and finds a world that is far different than the fragments he remembers. //Story updates at least 3 times a week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I can increase this further without sacrificing the quality of the writing, I will! I hope you enjoy!

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Wheeeeeereeeeee issss the authorrrrrrr?!?!? Make him comeeeee baaaaackkkk!! Do not let your work be left in the daaaaaaarrrrrkkk!! Dudeeee keeep writiiiiiinnnggggn!!! 😭😭😭


Six chapters in, this story is off to an excellent start. The premise is both original and intriguing, which is something you rarely see in webnovels - or fantasy novels in general, for that matter. Right from the start, the protagonist is placed in a situation that leaves you eager to find out how it came to be, and what it holds for his future. The prose is evocative and lively, with plenty of carefully crafted detail that helps bring to life both the characters and the world. And speaking of the world, it's an interesting one. Mixing steampunk elements with elves, dwarves, and magic, it certainly isn't the typical cookie cutter fantasy setting. As the story continues, it'll be interesting to learn more about the background of the world. Also worth noting is that the writing lacks most of the spelling and grammar errors that appear with disappointing regularity in most webnovels. Instead, it's clear that the author has taken the time to ensure that his prose, grammar, and spelling are all up to par. Overall, this seems like the start to a novel that's definitely worth following.


Wonderful, the author has created a beautifully detailed story that does NOT bore my brain out. The character development is really interesting and each chapter paints a perfect picture in my mind. The writing quality is superb, with almost no mistakes, and written in a way that makes it interesting to read. The plot of the story and the world background itself is still early, but it brings a sort of thirst and want for more. The MC is also very intriguing with his new form and “mysterious?” Background. From what I read so far though, it seems that this is the type of novel with a steady story, it isn’t moving very fast (which I’m okay with) so if you like fast paced novel, this might not be the story for you. But since I’ve only read six chapters I can not be completely sure about this. The advancement of the story may change in the future, so you should give it a try. update schedule is seems to be at least 3 chapters a week, so it isn’t too bad but if you want a novel with a steady stream of chapters, then this might not be for you. My suggestion is that you should save this to your library and allow the chapters to build up and read them at a later date. Plus the update stability may change in the future, so you should wait patiently and enjoy the beautiful that is published thus far. In the end I would give this a 5 star if there were more chapters, but I still really liked the story and I hope the author keeps on writing this art piece. I wish all the best for you and have fun writing!


I've only read the available five chapters thus far, but that's enough to form a firm opinion. The author is a highly experienced hand at writing, anyone could tell that much. Aside from the few minor errors that could easily be fixed by proofreading, the sentences are nearly damn perfect. A reader should have no trouble taking in what's being conveyed in the way that the author intended them to be understood. Not sure about the stability of updates. If it's not erratic, it should deserve a five, right? I only gave story development a four because the story's still in the very early stages. World background, ditto. This is still subject to change once we get more chapters, but I really don't have any complaints about what we have so far. Character design, a solid five after I read that chapter of interactions between side characters. Had me cracking nonstop. I'd have to say some of these characters seem *ehem* very familiar for readers of high fantasy. That makes them a bit cliche somewhat, but fockit, I don't care. Keep 'em coming, dude/tte :)


The vivid descriptions in the narrative really captivated me. The very first chapter and the way the author described Iro--his physical features and his current predicament to be exact--can really draw in readers to keep on reading. Writing-wise, I only saw very minimal errors including a few typos, word confusion (lying-laying), and also some errors in preposition (especially between in and on). The author should also look into his dialogue formatting. The sudden shift in POV somehow seems a bit off for me. But perhaps it's just my personal taste. Apart from these minor details, I find the story well-written. There is not much to say yet with the characters and the world background as only five chapters are posted. But I already find Iro's character really intriguing. Would love to read more about the soldiers as well. Overall, I did enjoy the read and would come back for more.


Esta novela es muy interesante y tiene mucho potencial. Lastima que tenga tan pocos capitulos. This novel is very interesting and has a lot of potential. It's a pity that it has so few chapters.


More chaps more chaps more !!!!! Btw, clowniac what happened to the contest? All of u quit?? There has been a sharp decrease in chaps!?!


It's excellently written. Good enough that even though I dislike war stories as they generally contain too much grim reality for my taste, I've continued to read it and thrown a stone its way. All of the elements used are familiar so far, and yet arranged in a unique way that makes them a bit unsuspected. I don't want to say too much, the story says it pretty well.


I don't know if it was my preference but the grammar and sentence structure made it difficult for me to enjoy the story. I suggest you to edit them once. All the mistakes were minor at the most. I'll wait till this had gone through another round of editing before binge reading. The concept is really promising, it has quite the mystery and thriller vibe to it. Notify me once you've edited 😁😁😁


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