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Clayton’s New Year Quest


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Clayton is sitting at home on New Year’s Eve, getting ready to celebrate another boring year. He grabs the remote and plays Final Fantasy. While playing it, he is teleported into the world of his avatar. Clayton will become Cloud Strife and help Cloud discover himself and help the rest of his friends save the world. “What the hell happened? How did I get in here?” Then he hears the game narrator talk to him. “Welcome, Clayton.” “What?” he said to himself. “Is the game talking to me?” “Yeah,” the narrator said. “Why is it talking to me?” He commented. “You are now in this game. You don’t know how or how to say it, but you are part of the story. Clayton was thinking, “How am I apart of the story? ” He was still not sure that he was in a game or he was still in reality. The game said to him: “Welcome to Final Fantasy VII. This is the beginning of a new journey. If you will follow me, I got your reward for doing the quest ‘Get Ready for the New Year.’ To return to your world, you must help Cloud get through each level without dying, plus collect the items needed to complete each area. Once you complete the story, you will be able to return home. ##### Pt.2 Clayton was down to the wired. Did he finish in time? Tune in to found out. ### Quest of Time lost Henry is now stuck in another game. And he is on his own since Clayton was grounded from his PlayStation. Does Henry have the courage to do this by himself? You'll just have to read to find out.


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