1 Prologue: The impact.

"Maeve! Come on, we are leaving in 5 minutes!"

"Coming, mom!"

Grabbing my phone and headphones, I lock the door and mom starts the engine as I sit tight in the car at the passenger seat with dad at the backseat who's reading the newspaper at the early morning. "Alright, are we ready to go?" We all nod at the same time as we make our way to our new home and also, to celebrate my 18th birthday. And the upbeat music is really making my day more better along with the cold wind and my wonderful family.

Hearing my dad sigh suddenly, I look back, "You guys should turn off the music because I literally cant focus." Turning the music off, I look at mom who's very focused on driving, I giggle and take out my phone from my pocket when I feel an impact on the front of the car.

I could swear I heard mom shout, "NO!", as she tried to balance the car when a tractor out of nowhere hit us.

My skin felt like it was burning as the numerous shards of glass hit my face. The car comes to a stop from spinning and my head hits the dashboard and a sharp pain spreads through my head and chest and my whole body. I have no idea where we stopped and how my parents are. I just know that this day is already over.

I try to open my eyes one after another but I could feel a small piece of glass was stuck in my eyes area, especially in my eyelid. "oh god, this hurts.", I pray as I bring myself to atleast try and remove the glass. Coughing up liquid which tastes like blood, I sigh and slowly get up with my head and chest still painting and beating at a rapid rate. Tears fall as I look beside me and find my mother lay, also on the dashboard, the seatbelt wrapped around her neck and abdomen as blood is still oozing from her neck and mouth. Her eyes wide open like it wants me to say something. My heart breaks more when i look back and see my father, his head out of the window and glasses and blood surrounding his body like a blood pool.

I cough more and more as I try to break free from my own seatbelt and open the door. Falling out of the car, I yell in pain and fear. I feel terrified, shocked, angry and confused and all types of emotions a human would feel at the moment.

I get up on my knees and look at myself in the front mirror. More tears fall as I realise how terrible I look with my face all bruised and bloody, my lips bleeding along with my right ear. A sharp pain again spreads in my ears and I let out a sob as I take some steps forward and stand in front of the car.

The glass all broken and some dried blood sticks in the corners. From here, I could see my parents, now probably dead. We went from laughing to now, dead. I let out loud sobs as I close my eyes and tears fall more and find myself whisper, "what am I going to do now?"

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