1 I was so close...

'I was so close…'

'I was so close to graduating from this hellish school and escaping the devils that kept tormenting me…'

'But they took it away from me in the end…'

"Wow, Piggy, you're wearing a dress for prom! I can't believe you even have one! Where did you get this? The thrift store?"

"Well, it's pink, maybe she wants to be a real pig, ahahaha!"



The endless mocking laughter that had taunted me for three years of high school already made me numb to everything. Not that I cared much about it after the three years of hell they put me through.

It didn't matter anyway because I would be leaving this hellish school forever. Free from the torments of these people.

"Sorry, but I need to leave…" I said weakly and tried to walk away, heading to the school hall where the prom would start soon.

Jessica Lambert, one of the bullies, grabbed my arm and clenched it until her sharp nail pierced my skin. I grimaced in pain, but I dared not make any noise because it would only make them feel satisfied.

"Are you pretending to be deaf, or is this one of a kind disability when you feel threatened?" Jessica asked.

"J—Jessica, I beg you. Please let me go. It hurts…" I begged her. I really didn't want any trouble with her and the rest of these girls. They were just a bunch of bullies who rose up in 'rank' after the previous bullies had graduated. They always popped out in the senior or sophomore year, because they thought they had control over everything.

But the worst thing was, they had control over me.

I didn't understand why either, but it was like a whirlpool that pulled me deeper and deeper into a spiral until I reached the lowest level of the high school food chain.

I was so low that nobody wanted to be my friend by the end of my school years because they thought I wasn't good enough, or were simply afraid of getting bullied.

Jessica clenched my arm harder and snarled at me, "Didn't I tell you not to come? I told you many times that you would be an eyesore on our prom night!"

I mean, I didn't want to attend the party where I would be ignored by everyone and treated like a wallflower, but attending was an obligation imposed by the school.

"I—It's obligatory to attend, or I will be punished…"

"So you're afraid of the punishment? That's why you are attending?"

I dared not answer, since I knew it would only ignite them even more.

I looked around and counted the number of bullies ganging up on me. I thought I could just push Jessica and run. But after realizing that I was surrounded by almost ten people, I found I had no way out.

Cindy, one of Jessica's lackeys, grabbed my other arm and pushed her nail in. I winced in pain. Now that I had gotten stuck between two girls holding me and eight others surrounding me, I had no choice but to submit to my fate.

"We don't need you here. You'll just be an eyesore our prom photo!"

"Yeah! Besides, why are you wearing a dress and make-up? Are you trying to get Mason's attention?"

"Just because he helped you once doesn't mean that you have a chance with him! You are just a pig! Know your place!"

"Know your place, piggy!"

"Know your place, piggy!"

"Know your place, piggy!"

I felt faint after hearing them ganging up on me, shouting at me with the same words over and over. Mason Hall was the handsome school idol, the popular guy who was well-loved and well known across the school, even in other schools and on social media.

He was the type that would be an actor in the future. But he wasn't my problem. All I did was crush on him silently, just like the others here.

Until that day, when he helped me out and carried me to the infirmary after I fainted during P.E class.

After which, he would ask about my condition whenever we passed each other in the corridor or somewhere else.

Maybe he thought it was just friendly banter since he was a school idol. But for me, what he did only worsened my bullying. They became even more vicious and unforgiving.

The screams around me became even more unbearable, as I started struggling frantically, "Let me go! Let me go now!"

Jessica and Cindy laughed, just like the rest of them. They laughed and laughed until their voices were the only thing echoing in my mind.

"Just push her! Push her!"


Jessica and Cindy released my arm, and the rest of the bullies pushed me to the ground. Little did we know, there was a metallic flower fence with a sharp tip behind me.

And the moment I fell…

That metallic flower fence pierced my back, right through my heart. My eyes widened as I felt the sharp pain. I opened my mouth, but no voice came from it.



The bullies screamed frantically, but Jessica and Cindy tried to shush them, "Silence! If someone sees this, then we will be charged! We might get expelled right before our graduation!"

"T—Then, what should we do?"

"Just leave her like this, leave no witness!"

"O—Okay, let's leave now!"

My gaze was already blurry when I heard the sound of their heels getting further and further, leaving me alone with my heart pierced by this metal fence, bleeding to death.

'I was so close to my graduation…'

'I was so close to leaving this hell, but why?'

'Why would they rob me of my only chance to escape?'

I could feel my consciousness slowly floating away as I closed my eyes.

A teardrop trailed from the edge of my eyes and dropped to the ground.

'Three years… I've endured their horrible bullying for three years.'

'I tried my best to endure all the pain that they inflicted on me….'

'And I end up just like this? Dead alone before prom night because of those bitches?'

'What about my dream? I wanted to be a doctor in the future. Do you mean that I studied hard for nothing because of these careless bullies?'

My body got colder as I felt blood flowing out from the stab wound. But this kind of coldness didn't scare me, because I was used to living alone after the death of my mom, two years ago. How I wished she would come to me soon. After all, I would also die soon, right?

'Mom, I'm sorry. I promised you that I will be a great person in the future. But it seems that I will meet you a lot sooner than I expected...'

'Mom, please don't be disappointed in me. I really tried my best after your death...'


I clenched my fists with the remaining strength that I had. I yelled at the top of my lungs, desperately, as loud as I could.



I used all my strength for those.

It was meaningless words, I knew. But if there was a miracle somehow, I'd want to return back in time and get my revenge.

Fuck that forgiveness and pity. Those bullies didn't pity me even after so much pain and all the torment I bore. They didn't even try to help me after pushing me to my demise.

So I wanted my revenge, the most painful revenge that would get them to break down! I would tear them to pieces and feed them to the dogs!

I want my revenge…


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