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"Are you an angel here to rescue me for my salvation or Satan disguised as a beauty here to tempt me to sell my soul?" He teased giving me one of this charming mocking grins "Maybe I'm the reaper here to throw your soul into eternal damnation." I snapped back at him a bit annoyed "For you mi amor I'd give it all." ~*~*~*~*~*~ Toby Conor's is irresistibly charming when he wants to be, dangerous and all kinds of bad for any kind of girl. He is every parents worst nightmare. Maria Asim has been warned to stay away from him from the very first time she heard the mention of his name. So why is it a Muslim girl like her so intrigued in to his life?Is it for the thrill to crave something dangerous and adventurous? or could there be more to him than everyone seems to see? Could there be more to him than the Bad Boy, Criminal facade he puts on so well?

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