1 Chapter 0: Author’s Announcement

Hello reader. This is my first time writing, but I have an interesting tale to tell. There wasn't much in the synopsis. That because a detailed synopsis would ruining the flow. Am writing this novel for it to be different and unique. As every reader on this app understands, that novels are running out of fresh ideas, to much cliches, I guess.

I would like to give credit to the novels: Divine Emperor of death, I have a Mansion in a post apocalyptic world, keyboard immortal, Warlock of the Magus world, monarch of Evernight, lord of mysteries, My vampire system and cultivation Chat Group.

I hope the readers would maintain a minimum of respect, when reading my work, and not constantly accuse me, of plagiarism, blatantly stealing or copying this works. As this is a story, have always had in my heart. This novels inspire me on how to articulate my own. I respect my work enough to be sincere. As this might be my first and last novel.

Also readers should know. That a lot of phrases would come up. You might not know the meaning of some, so you should search them up. But some are made up words, i created for immersion. It not easy to tell the difference between fake and real. As I use words from other languages.

Release would be unsteady as I have a tight schedule. Also this novel is important to me, so I would love to craft every chapter to the best of my abilities. A chapter every week is the most I can guarantee.

Chapters should start rolling in at the end of this month. Forgive me grammatical errors. I would take grammar classes to improve.

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