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What is Circumstances

Read Circumstances novel written by the author Kuruizakura on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, comedy, videogame. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Mmm...I know writing a synopsis is supposed to be my author's job but...Well, let's just say I'm taking the liberty to write down this one for our dear potential readers. Welcome! To my world filled with nothing but illusions! In this novel, you'll find everything about the story inconsistent, and full of plot-holes. Yes, right now I'm dissing the author that can't even make me at least a bit more handsome. So back to what I was talking abou-You F*Omitted~* *cough* I apologize, I'm the author, Kuruizakura. Don't take his words at face value, he's just speaking nonsense. This novel focuses on a supposed VRMMO that just recently released, Circumstances. I do not know why my naming sense is this bad, but well, bear with me. A fantasy-like world that had once reached the peak of science, or so is the lore of the game. Following our main protagonist scraping by to meet ends meet pitifully until he can't take it anymore but to kill himself...Oi! Don't just kill me off like that! And that wasn't what happened at all! More importantly, our potential readers, please do enjoy the story to the fullest.


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