1 Sil the Demon

Thus we meet our first companion for this journey: Sil. A Demon male , who just became of age this Spring season. Sil hails from a settlement called Talreath, an oasis settlement in the north-western dry lands of Sprigladel. Talreath acts as a trading post and is home to the demon clan Sil belongs to, as well as Fae and mankind. The harsh land makes it tough for those who live in the settlement and anywhere near by, requiring for those who inhabit the settlement to help one another to cover each other's weaknesses. Something that region of Sprigladel was known for was the harsh climate and unlivable conditions by traditional means, so most beings needed to help and be helped in order to strive.

In this world Demons as well as fae such as Nymphs and Druids shared many similar features to humans. In fact, if not for the subtle differences, you could hardly tell a demon or fae apart from a human at a quick glance. There where some obvious and not so obvious physical differences but they varied from one being to another. Many demons can be noticed by their natural emblems that appear as tattoos on their bodies, usually their upper bodies. They can also have sharp fangs, narrow eyes, horns, or black eyes where one's eyes tend to be white. Of course like any person, everyone is unique, but without more than a glance it is quite difficult to notice and acknowledge unless the features are too prominent to hide.

Let's take Sil for example. Sil looks mostly human, with the exception of two sharp fangs on the top row of his teeth, and two short gray horns covered by darker, messy and long gray hair. He has a lean body but was only the height of an average human, coming in at a generous five feet, five inches tall... on a good day as he'd say. He was a kind soul who did his best to see others happy, contrary to what one may assume and the prejudice that comes with being a demon. He cared little for drama, and had no ill intentions. Sil was not an important figure from the clan he derives from, nor from a renown demon bloodline at that. Nonetheless, all who knew him cherished him for being silly, light-hearted , deceivingly clever, and strong willed, and to most, that was enough and what made him special to many in the settlement. As a demon his grimoire would be filled with dark or scary looking magic by most standards, it definitely didn't fit his personality, but it was his and he was proud of it. He always believed magic was just that. Magic. It only mattered how you used it that made magic evil or good, and no magic is inherently evil.

His life like the many settler's who inhabited Talreath, was not easy. Everyone had growing needs and wants, Sil was no exception. They also share the few resources that the oasis provides them. This has caused those of different races to get along and allows for a peaceful community since it meant their survival and prosperity. Unfortunately, that community is on edge as of late. Everyone was low on resources. Crops were failing. Water use increased. Wild game was rare. Travelers and traders were becoming nonexistent. With no sign of a brighter future, sustainability was in question. Sil hopes to help his community prosper, maybe even be the one that finds a breakthrough in these trying times in order to accommodate everyone's needs. All of this, regardless if it means embarking on a dangerous adventure that could take his life, was a risk he was willing to take. Rather one he was determined to make.

Having contemplated it for some time he had made up his mind that it was now or never. He has his grimoire now, this meant it wasn't only feasible, but also no longer a fool's errand. A sacrifice sure, but it meant he could grow and develop into what was needed in Sprigladel, not just his community. These troubles were not just things that troubled where he calls home, but the entire land had their fair share of troubles, and everyone needed help one way or another. Sil decided to do just that. He wouldn't be the first, but he was hoping to be the last to ever do something so drastic. Sil started spending time drawing, writing, contemplating his plan of actions. Sil grabbed a short sword to pack along with other things. The sword was forged by his Uncle Asher, the local blacksmith who was skillful in his work, but hardly had much of it these days. The sword was strong, sharp, and had an intricate design along the blade, and fit the sheathe his father made for him like a glove. He then grabbed his leather hunting gear, before talking with his mother, Koa. It didn't take her long to realize what discussion was about to partake. She wasn't clairvoyant but her intuition told her he wanted to leave Talreath and journey to help the people cared about. She knew if she did not give him her approval or support it would leave her with more guilt and distress, not if but when he leaves. Koa stayed silent for much of Sil's speech. It was more of a monologue than a discussion.

She knew the type of son she had raised. He was so good willed and she was proud, and knew there was no point in talking him out of it as that was never an option. Sil was special, she has always felt that way. This moment is what has come to. He was going to do exactly what he said and bring along change. He took after his father after all, and she knew it was bound to happen someday she just wished it wasn't so soon and had more time with her only son. After shedding a few tears she could no longer hold back, knowing her son was leaving and not knowing if he would ever make a return she spoke. "I knew it was bound to happen. You were meant for greater things. You have greatness instilled in you that I'll never comprehend. I don't WANT you to leave, but I know you NEED to leave. Wherever your journey takes you, bring about that greatness inside, but before you do, I ask you talk with your father and ask for his guidance and protection... I'll gather the rest of your supplies, give you rations and collect water for you. Take this as well, promise you'll bring it back." Koa handed Sil a necklace with a clan sigil with a purple and black stone that represented his father and mother. "See me back at the Oasis water hole in the middle of the settlement before departing, it is still morning, you should be able travel where you plan to at that time and I'll have everything prepared."

After making his way to and walking to the far end of the cemetery, he found his family's sigil on a large shrine and three small burial stones to mark the graves with names on them. He stared at the one on the far right.


"Hey dad... everyone is having a hard time, and someone needs to do something about it, I don't know if I will be the one to finally help relieve Talreath's struggles, but I have to try. Someone has to. You taught me how to be strong and helpful to those who call this place home. I can't sit by and watch everyone struggle anymore. I have to do something. You tought me something can always be done. I wanna find a way to help even if it's the last thing I do. I hope somehow you can watch over me... and I don't know... help me be great just like you were from your stories. Things were so good when you were around. I want to be someone like that for everyone, someone they respect and look up to. Someone that can protect, and help. So please wish me some luck and give me some guidance you geezer... its the least you can do after leaving me and mom on our own like that... Make me even stronger and become someone people can look up to... no one here deserves such a harsh life... "

Sil's breathing was a bit shaken. With those last words he offered a small prayer to his father and ancestors at the memorial site, turned to go back to the center of the settlement where many of the community were awaiting him after his mother had spread the word around while he went to pay his respects and ask for guidance from his father.

Taken aback Sil saw everyone gathered in the middle of the settlement, took a second and announced to them, "I'll be back, and when I return, I'll have caused some change. I'll have found some help. I'll make us prosperous again some way, some how. Not just here, but everywhere. We heard the stories, of those who once traveled to this oasis. If Sprigladel is crumbling and withering away to corruption then even then wastelands will get affected. We have had to endure hardships, and I can't stand it anymore. I have to do something about it. No, I promise I will. I'll make sure everyone can live without any worries... just don't forget me while I am away." He looked down as he felt all eyes upon him.

"So where ya headed to kid?" said an elder human in the settlement with a grin. Sil looked up suddenly only to see everyone who had gathered smiling at him. He zeroed in on the familiar voice of the elder who he knows as his father's old friend. "Ya can't just leave us without a plan ya' know". It was Brigholt. He used to travel with his father back in the day.

"it took a lot of thinking and some deciding, but I'm starting my journey south of here, heading through to the marshes outside this desert and into the forest, to see if I can get information from other communities I come across for any clues to the corruption that's consuming the lands. I'm hoping I can resolve issues people may have in order to establish trade to ease the tensions here in Talreath. Maybe save some lives and gain trust for all I know. From there maybe I can get a hold of resource locations to send word back here. I'll think of my next steps after gaining information and locating any resources that can be sent to back here, and since there is no telling what may happen, just know I won't ever regret it, and I'll miss you all dearly. I will return." As he said his last sentence he couldn't help but grasp the necklace his mother entrusted to him.

"You really are just like ye'r old man ain't cha'!?" The old man Brigholt bellowed out loud with a few chuckles and giggles from the rest of the crowd. "Always thinking about others no matter the risk. We never could talk him out of something when he made up his mind and I have no doubt you'd be the same. So we wish you luck kiddo. Just be careful, it really is dangerous out there during these times, and you have all these people who care about'cha. We believe in ya kid!" After a brief silence and muttering from the crowd the elder spoke again. "Well don't let us hold you back, get going! The sun will start coming sooner than you expect, and you're gonna need to find shelter." With a smile from ear to ear, Sil nodded in acknowledgement and gave his mother one last hug before waving goodbye to everyone who had gathered and headed off with his head held up high, large pack in tow, and tears in his eyes.

This marks the beginning journey of Sil the Demon: the child of light made of darkness.

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