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Chronicles of Sprigladel: Tale of Two Tales


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Shameless Author review perhaps, but I'd appreciate any and all feedback as I'm writing for fun, I highly encourage you to review it please, it's free after all 😁 I'll try my best to make time to write on weekends and during any break times since I'm an aspiring Software Dev and don't have too much free time, but I love fantasy and always wanted to make a world of my own! Don't hesitate to ask question or offer input!


The story is strong. Reading it reminded me of the show where they introduce the character. So it was fun to read. The quality of writing is good. It is easy to understand and kept me engrossed in the story. Your vocabulary is strong. I did search some words on the internet as my vocabulary is a little weak, and I love that about reading. I can honestly say that you made me a little more intelligent. I am looking forward to the journey of the character. Oh and a little detail that you add, the last sentences in the chapters. That had put a smile on my face. I feel your every chapter is like an episode of a series that I want to keep reading. Only if you cut down huge paragraphs I would enjoy reading it more as it will become easier on the eyes. Overall, a good story with strong characters.


The details about the characters background are very good. The description of the characters home town was really fascinating. I would love to read more chapters. You can do it author!


this story is truly intriguing. Anyone looking for a plot that draws you in for a story that is paced in a way you can throughly understand what's happening, look np further. I'm not good with reviews, so I'll just get to the point. I loved this story. I wish there were more chapters. Keep it up author! And you need to stop reading this and read the story already.


It's a very good fiction. It stands out from the rest the website has to offer. The prose and style are very similar to that of a published book, which is good. The only thing keeping the story from its full potential would be the balance in showing vs telling a scene. The first two chapters are victims of this. Overall though, very great job! Keep at it!


It's a good read so far. Even though it had only four-chapter. Through the narrative, we can see the future perspective. Like any other novel, the opening chapter gives us a glimpse of MC's character unlike typical MC's a bit of clarity can be seen in characterisation. Hoping to see further world development and several characters popping up making the plot a lot more interesting.


Really unique story that has an amazing writing, it's hard to find something like this in webnovel, can't wait for more chapters for your story where the two will meet one day.


The novel has a very intriguing world building. I am amaze of the author's mind because all setting the author created is well done. Can I crack your mind, author, and see how all the imagination comes to you? Cuz' I want some of that. The writing is stable. My only suggestion is for the author to play more around with the size of paragraphs. I think that would update your story so much. The few characters we have met are well-designed. Conclusion, a worthy read. Try it, you might like it!


Very unique story and insightful discription. What i like most is world building ability of writer. in just first chapter you can feel it. with this many different race characters it can be hard to discribe everything but the authur did very good work. Mc Sil turned out totally different from the regular mc. even though he belongs to one of the crual race his character is nice. amazing work dear author


Hey this story is really unique in a positive sense. The narrative provides a good insight of the world background and character designing. It is quite refreshing to see the positivity of the MC even as a demon. The setting is nice and provides ample platform for the story to build up. Also, I must say, the writing quality and grammar are top notch. Definitely worth it.


This novel has great world building. But I think the writer could benefit from show instead of tell when it comes to personality of each character. The description of places and community we're good but after a while it becomes a info dump. Try to put in more breaks in your paragraphs so it doesn't just seem like am Mt. of information. This novel feels like a RPG storyline with how well the world is build and the different races. You have a pretty solid foundation here. I also get some D&D vibs


Hey I must say your story is really interesting , easy to read. Your vocabulary is good. It would have been better if there were more chapters and if possible, change the book cover.


I like the world building a lot. The character building and description is fantastic. Strong writing quality that I am a personal fan of and enjoy a lot. I would like to see more chapters more often if possible. But don't rush if it'll drop your writing quality. Never sacrifice that it sets you apart from other authors.