Chronicles of Luvt Book

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Chronicles of Luvt


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"My father said to me, that 'one human can't change a lot, one man can change a bit, but he can't change the world.', and this really stuck with me my entire life, you know, you can't be the only hero in the world, and change is driven by people not by one person. And you know what? I've come to accept this truth, perhaps I've been wanting to reject it long ago, but it just couldn't be more closer to the truth." "But you know what I've found out in this life of mine? It's that, while one person may not be able to change the world, one person is more than capable of affecting the hearts of people, they can ignite the flame of hope, they can be a driving force that pulls through the deepest of dilemmas. That's the beauty of this life, and I really appreciate being given a chance at it." The life of Leo Vilex was certainly not an easy one, he went through many hardships, pleasant experiences, and glorious victories, he was a driver for change in the planet of Luvt, and set off a chain of reactions that would leave many effects in the future, many tell the tales of his adventures, but little actually know what happened. Read as you explore Leo's life from his birth till he arrives at his deathbed, his struggles, his success, his defeats, his victories, as we dive deep into what actually happened, in the life of, Leo Vilex.