1 Chapter One: Morning of waking

it was Snowing in on earth and Princess Anna was sitting her bedroom looking out of the window. She loved the first snow fall of winter since she was a child.

She gotten used the family coming together for the holidays but her favorite is Christmas and Now that she had a lover and this be the first Christmas they will be having together as a couple.

Anna hears the covers moving on the bed and she turns her head toward the bed and smiles at Zenki. She said, "Good Morning love, I hope you had a good sleep." She winks at him and giggles.

Zenki looked like he could sleep even more and he had a bed head and he smirks at his girlfriend and he said, " Good Morning my babe and yes I sleep good with you near me."

He gets out of the bed with his chest bare and his long silver hair, goes down to his chest covering his six pack. he had boxers on, he is like a walking god of hot and sexiness built in one.

He started to laugh and he pick Anna up, sat down on the windowsill and put her in his legs and he whispered in her ears; " Well my Princess what are you doing up so early in the morning. Come back to bed and we can."

She turns around and puts her fingers to his lips and stops him from continuing what he was going to say.

" I can't my love, I have things to do this two weeks before is Christmas and I want to make sure this ball is perfect and the children from the orphanage will in enjoy it." She said.

She kissed his lips and his forehead and said, "But we can hangout together if you like if you not busy my love with your kingdom."

Zenki raises his eyebrows and smirks at her and starts to laughing and said, "My dear babe are you telling me a Demon King what to do. Lol I mean by all means to you my love. I do as you wish but in return I shall do the same. You must return the favor without a complaining about it.

But I will join you in few hours my love I just have to make sure I dont have to go on the hunt from some lost souls."

He kisses her back deeply and passionately. He hates to leave her on a day like this but his kingdom and job calls for him no the less. He looks at her and said, "How about we meet up with each other for lunch and I will make you something yummy my love?"

Anna smiles at him and said, "That sounds like a good idea my love and sounds like a date. I will be looking forward to the lunch date Sexy Zenki."