1 Prologue

"Beautiful" he murmured, I was standing with my eyes down, I don't know for some reason, I don't feel like looking at him, The way his eyes were locked on me was chilling enough to keep me gulping hard. I stood still in my track like an obedient puppy. I fetched hard to muster up my courage but it wasn't ready at any cost to be in my favor so I ended up deciding not to glance him. Obviously, I don't want my cause of death to be too stupid, His eyes walked around my body progressively, clearly scanning me up.

"Come here," He said and I moved towards him without giving him a chance to hit me. As I reached under his range, he grabbed my forearm and pulled me to him, I grimaced in pain, "ahh ouch" a tear dropped from my eye, my body shaking and my eyes mouthlessly asking him to let me go and choose someone else.

What he did was not what I wanted to happen with me again. I don't want to take my last breath in pain where this inhuman hellion rapes me violently, again. I can't bear this torture repeatedly. Even thought of him tearing me again rips my soul into uncountable bits.

He bent ahead to a level where our lips were inches away, his face was covered with a frown in concern; acted as he cared. His fingers held my chin gently and mouth spoke "Sweetheart, are you hurt? Tell me who? who dared to?" He was so drunk that he couldn't comprehend what he was speaking. Even in his defenseless state, his tone held demand than a request. Those brown eyes were confusing; on one hand, they had a shade of power and authority, furthermore at the same time, the flip side held promises of love and protection.

No, it's all a trap. Think, Lana, think, why in the world would he love you? the only thing he is doing is playing with you and your feelings because that's what he regularly does, it's his way to trap people and then break them. It's normal for him to manipulate girls like you. Look around you, look at these girls who are wearing nothing but a sheer dress which is barely covering their skin, it'd be an injustice to say that they are wearing something called clothes because they are openly exposed to hungry wolves around them and if that's what this man expects me to wear then it's never in the dear world going to happen.

Confusion within me only overgrew. I'm damn sure he's only pretending so he can cage me here. Who am I to him? A priceless slut? Maybe he treated every girl to mend her into this woeful creature. Maybe he still treats all his mistresses this way.

I shook my head rather than speaking. I'm at a loss of words.

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"Wor-ds! Kitten!" he pressed each of the words with a longing to hint me his hypersensitivity. I spontaneously answered him the answer in words. His face calmed a little bit,

"No one hurts what's mine, now tell me kitten who," he sounded dead-serious concerned. He wrapped one of his arms around my back and pushed me further into his body. I sensed discomfort in his men. Their gestures were having slight changes momentarily and It was clear to me how obnoxious the situation is for them. I was observing the situation whereas the grip tightened and I shifted my attention towards the man who seemed to inquire an answer. When I witnessed his face, my body reacted inwardly, pools of complex thoughts were a part of it,

"Don't you dare to have a soft corner for him. If you give him a ray of hope to play with you, you wouldn't be able to win him over. Stop him no matter what, tell him it's him. Only him. Do not let him get your heart, you are not in your right mind. Don't let him use you. Think about it. Think about it fast Lana. This is all false." My conscience scolded me to keep believing in the actuality.

I was in a dilemma until I recalled that very tortuous night with him. My eyes changed it's tone before he could hunt down any warm sentiments for him. He saw it. He read it all, my thoughts in me which were all on my face display, instantaneously caught his attention. He stared at me and I glared back in return,

"You! you hurt me, you are the thing I need to be away from, first your men kidnapped on your orders, humiliated me and thousands of other captives, and when I tried to escape you, you tore my whole soul far away. You are the person I need to stay away from." As I strived to get away from him and his grip, he tightened the grip to the level where It'd leave bruises once he stopped, he kept hurting me, and then I shouted, "LET ME GO!" I continued to struggle where every single entity shot their eyes on the scene. I kept yelling and sobbing.

I sensed one of his men stood ahead and said, "Armando, give me a green light. I'll gladly accept a chance to rip this whore into twos. she fucking needs a rod in he..." He stopped right there in his tracks when he earned a glare from who?... Ar... Armando.

No, this can't be him. Please don't let it be him.

I stopped fighting him when I finally realized that I wasn't caged by an ordinary person but the mafia leader El Veneno. He was a person who was feared by the entire Spain, then who am I to fight over him? He is really a monster, a man who is a killer, a drug dealer, a human trafficker, and a rapist.

And with the painful reality, I'm his victim too.

He is the monstrous Armando De Luca

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