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Choose {Reborn}


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"You have to choose now Renato! Me or her!" Musa shouted, voice horse from hours of crying. Rinato Sole looked over his shoulder, obsidian eyes dark and cold as he looked at the love of his life. "I choose her." With that, the door slamming behind him, he left. "I should have known better. It was my mistake. Because the sun will always belong to the sky." - Musa Hibari ***** "You know. The reason I gave you my memories and gift was so history wouldn't repeat itself." - Harmony Hibari ***** I dare you to love me, Even though your feet ache to run, I dare you to stay close, Even though the green grass burns the sun, I dare you to kiss my lips the way only you can do, Even though the world calls your name, And pulls you far away, Across continents and oceans Yet... I dare you to love me I dare you to stay ~ Vera Valentine