Choices Book

novel - Teen


Sanjana Saraf

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"And I wish I could have loved him less. Or better yet, not at all." 19 year old Adalanna Callister, bold, beautiful and brainy, is all set for her term in St. Stephen's University of Liverpool. And the first day in her new college itself, seals her fate for a rollercoaster year ahead. Through galas, bonfires and games, Alanna is pulled in deeper and deeper to the only feeling she had been wanting to avoid, the half of which she fears and the rest, fails to understand. Ripped apart between two friends, one a raging fire, other a deep ocean, Alanna grapples with her affections, all the while redeeming her own self from a tainted past. One, the kind you keep. Stability. Who would never break her heart. And the other, the kind you love. Danger. Without whom, there'd be no heart to break in the first place. Amidst love, friendship, music and betrayal, she has to make a choice, between the solace of a right love and the passion of a great love. This year, ask yourself- Love, the quicksand of raging passions- eternal bliss or inevitable doom? At the very least, she's in for an eventful year. "But you'll hate me." "I love you." Everything made sense.