Choices of Our Own (LN) Book

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Choices of Our Own (LN)


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They say with 'love', we can overcome anything. But how did we end up this way? What if we both carry different type of love? You're the mighty Jing Wang while I am your the daughter of your subordinate. You're the emperor whereas I am your subject. Few years of longing and love, but what will be the outcome of it? You are ambitious while I only want to stay by your side. You have 3000 beauties, while I only have you to depend on. But in this imperial harem, among the 3000 beauties, who can guaranty you won't be swayed? Even the tree with the strongest root will fell due to storm...how can you be so sure that our love will hold on? Am I the coward one? Or was it wrong to wish that you will only hold me in your arms? Join Feng Hua Lan in reminiscing the story of her love.


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