1 The Clouds Are Crying


That startled feeling.

The sky's no ceiling.

The first droplet hits my face.

From stores so ample,

The clouds' first sample.

The ground is the finish line of their race.

The nimbus explosion,

Towers feel erosion,

Every square inch of air

Filled with beautiful motion,

Order in chaos and chaos in order,

Torrents from above without a border.

The space between the clouds and me

Seems to be getting shorter.

The curtains of cold steadily fall

I seem to suddenly forget

Everything and nothing at all

Staring heavenward, soaking wet.

If I raised my hand to the sky,

If I could see into the islands of white,

I'd feel something, and never question why

I'd always dreamed of taking flight.

Can't touch the blue but I'm still trying.

Then the clouds rush to cover the scene.

The falling waves that the clouds are crying....

Another ocean up somewhere just lying in wait, unseen.

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The eighth sea has had its fun.

I've watched as the earth and sky have blended.

And as the knots of fog come undone.

I just feel sorry that it all ended.

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