5 Not Alone, But Lonely

They say "I'm here if you need me."

They're ready to lend a hand in a fight.

They watch to see if their words have freed me.

They try to let me borrow delight.

But maybe I'll do this on my own.

Give me a moment to sit and wallow.

Let me feel my senses go cold as stone.

Let me relish the pain of being hollow.

I see you're right there beside me,

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Trying to scrub away a stain.

Well this blood-red veil is all I have to hide me,

To shelter you from feeling my pain.

"I'll pray for you." "You're not alone."

Well I don't think that you can see it.

I'm fading away, breaking every bone.

Because if I die to spare you of this, so be it.

If anyone could make this disappear,

If it is among the strengths of Him so Holy.

If He could carve a path up the cliff so sheer;

If only I wouldn't have to walk it solely.

And yet the wind will keep on blowing,

Oppressing the fire until it fades.

The circle of cold will keep on growing.

I see no hope out the window so I shut the shades.

I'm being slowly but surely overtaken.

I want to live my life, but for now could I pause it?

What foundation I had has been thunderstruck; shaken.

Might as well accept this, so I suppose I'll cry in the closet.

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